Two Events coming up for Adventure Travel types.Motorcyclist and 4x4 etc.

These two events are well supported by the motorcycle adventure type following but are not intended to be purely for bikes alone, they encompass anyone with a love of getting out and doing a bit of unconventional travel for anything from a weekend or up to years at a time and in any kind of way.

17-20 August

UK Festival 17-20 August 2012 : The Adventure Travel Film Festival

UK 2011 Festival Trailer - YouTube

This is a new festival in its second year that has brought over to the UK by Austin Vince and Lois Pryce, anyone who knows about bikes and travel will know Austin who completed the Terra Circa and Mondo Enduro rides a decade before the Charley and Ewan long way round effort, on especially ill equipped little RD350 bikes.

The event last year was a really mellow meeting of various minds and a long weekend of watching a selection of travel orientated films of your own choice ( 3 running at same time I think ) drinking, eating and catching up.

One of the best films last year was the first showing of the Mongol Rally 20111

Mongol Rally Wild Rides Trailer - YouTube

The next event is the Horizons Unlimited summer meeting at Ripley July the 5 -8

Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers Meetings Schedule | Horizons Unlimited

These are what I would term as professional adventurers in their approach.They are people from all walks of life who have taken the adventure motoring idea to the full and consist of anything from the chaps just starting who just pop down to the coast for a weekend and others who started a trip and just carried on going for years.

The whole meeting is an informal swapping of ideas, talks, demonstrations and general get together for anybody who loves this kind of idea to those of us actually about to do some big trips.....there is also a very big push from Horizons members to get people away from the false idea that you need a £14,000 BMW bike and substantial training and planning for a trip.Anything that moves is suitiable for a trip, as the round the world scooters and Harley Davidsons and Sportsbikes with 300,000 miles on the clock at the meeting can testify to.

Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers' Meeting - UK 2012

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