Two EDL blokes arrested and charged for being punched in the face

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sammym, Aug 22, 2013.

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  1. This might already be on here, but I can't find it. I only saw the video of this today.

    Now firstly, I don't support or like the EDL one bit. But neither to I support or like UAF. To me they are both a group of idiots who go out looking for bother, and use any excuse to be a pain.

    However - I'm shocked and disgusted at how the Police handled this. They are walking and get smacked, they then offer to do what the Police want and request that the person who attacked them is arrested. So they are arrested for obstructing the police.

    I thought a police officer had a duty to uphold the law. If the guys had been breaking the law, why were they only stopped and arrested once they had been attacked? Why was the bloke who attacked them not arrested? How is walking down the street obstructing the police?

    I've said in other threads that I think we are turning into the sort of state which our government condemns. Whilst these two goons are clearly morons, that is not a criminal offence. The Police involved in this should be ashamed of themselves.
  2. Perhaps if they shut the Fk up they would have been treated more graciously.

    All handily on camera

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  3. Asked her to do her job. Obstruction of her desire not to do it.
  4. If I were to come up to you, smack you whilst the police were around and the police then did nothing about it, you would probably have something to say. Infact I think most normal people would be really rather upset.

    I've already said I don't like what they stand for, or most of what they say. But they were obstructing no one. Also why did it take an inspector to arrest them? Why did the sergeant defer that? It's clear to me that they were arrested because it was the politically right thing to do. Thats not how the police should act.

    I also know that there are a few coppers who come of this site. I'd be interested in their views. Basically as a normal person, I can't really see what they did wrong.
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  5. Quote
    "We will deal with them but we need to speak to you."

    As I said. If the shut the Fk up.............

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  6. One minute in: Sgt: "We need to speak to you."
    One minute twenty eight: Inspector: "Calm down calm down calm down."
    One minute thirty two: Inspector: "We will deal with them"

    Totally manufactured bollox.

    Never heard of a come on?
    Very popular in the seventies and eighties in NI.

    It ain't rocket science.

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  7. Two coppers marched the attackers away but didn't arrest them despite their having carried out an assault beneath their very noses. They had hands on them and could have arrested them there and then. the EDL turds were asking 'are you going to arrest them?' but only got answered with 'we will deal with them.'

    If twatting someone right in front of a copper doesn't earn you an instant, no-question-about-it nicking, what does?
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  8. But would the two fine upstanding virtuous chappies from the EDL have got such a hard time if perchance they DIDN'T trap off?

    "Are you going to arrest them? Why haven't they been arrested? "Are you going to arrest them? Why haven't they been arrested? "Are you going to arrest them? Why haven't they been arrested? "Are you going to arrest them? Why haven't they been arrested? "Are you going to arrest them? Why haven't they been arrested? Ad nauseum and shouted.........

    All rehearsed for the cameras.

    Goebbles would love it!

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  9. The Insp did come across as very wet and not controlling the situation particularly well. I would welcome a return to old style 'Shut the **** up or you'll get a slap' coppers. A shame they weren't gay and arrested in an airport lounge- the compensation just won't be the same!
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  10. No one is saying they arn't idiots. However it's normal to be slightly agitated after you have been attacked. Especially if the police don't seem to be bothered about it.

    I have heard of a come on. However this doesn't look like that to me.

    Can you please explain to me how these blokes obstructed the Police? As I don't think asking for them to deal with assault is obstruction.
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  11. Like others I have no truck with the EDL but when the two sides meet in protest its the Anti Fascist types that have the higher arrest figures. Put this down the the fact that the EDL know when to behave.

    However in this video you have to wonder why no arrests were made. Politicization of the police would be my guess.
  12. Ooh.
    I would say repeatedly getting in their faces, bellowing and not listening to reason.

    Not really difficult to see is it.

    In fact the only time I've seen people act like this they've been pissed up looking for a fight.

    Its manufactured.

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  13. Ah, I see, they arranged in advance for two UAF types to come up and twat them in front of the police, in order to make the police look bad. Presumably the police were also in on the plot, not arresting the two attackers on purpose, in order to set up the scenario.

    Suddenly it all makes sense.
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  14. Apart from the fact that the blokes wanted to walk away and weren't allowed! And what reason was coming from the Police... It seems to be the Police were waiting there to arrest them anyway.
  15. I agee with everyone except the OP. These to guys wouldn't listen in spite of being requested , very patiently, to do so. And what is this nonesense about Shar'ia Law at 5 minutes? Nothing to do with Shar'ia law -they are ein arrestd under English statues. And why emphasise that atwas Armed Forces Day - nothin to do with AFD!