Two Drug Smugglers Hanged in Singapore

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Seadog, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. BBC News

    Good. They can't say they weren't warned. Printed large on the landing cards given out on the plane words to the effect: the penalty for importing drugs into Singapore is death. Seems fair.

    Africans stand out like a greyhound's bolloxs in Singapore. What were they thinking?
  2. Yep been through Changi - big letters and no ambiguity. Remember the furore caused 5 or 6 years back when they flooged a teenage septic for vandalism. Good on the Singaporeans.

    What were the smugglers thinking? "Fcuk I wish I hadn't done th............"
  4. They wont be smuggling anymore drugs now - The punishment must work, result.

    Lets have some of this in the UK.....................
  5. Excellent. Sod the human rights groups and the UN, they broke the law and the penalty for their offence is death. Congratulations to Singapore for getting rid of 2 sub-humans.
  6. A million dollars of heroin!!!!!!

    I mean how big is that? - was it like on a pallet with H&SE stickers all over it?
  7. .

    Michael Fay in 1994. Time flys.
  8. The Nigerian was caught smuggling 700g of Heroin through customs.

    The other lad never met the Nigerian or saw the drugs but was who the Nigerian was going to give them to. Just thinking about bad things can be bad for you in Singapore.

    A few years ago they hung a Cloggie who thought he would confuse the cloggie customs if he flew from Nigeria to Amsterdam via Singapore. The folks a Changi thought this a mite suspicious and arrested him as he walked between the two planes. Officially he never entered the country, but they still hung him.
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  9. Good lets hope they start on the 419 scammers next! :numberone:
  10. The Singaporean Prime Minister said in response to appeals for clemency that "we have a duty to safeguard the interests of Singaporeans..."

    You wouldn't catch Blair or Brown being so daring as to say that of Britons. It would go against their fundamental beliefs.
  11. ...and their Human Rights - the right to go about their business flogging drugs!
  12. Can't say I agree with this. I'm no bleeding-heart lefty, I do actually believe in the death penalty for convicted murderers, but hanging poor, desperate drug mules whilst the big fish at the top get off scot-free doesn't seem like justice to me.
    Besides, nobody forces people to start taking the drugs these people provide. Drug addicts should bear the responsibility for destroying their own lives upon themselves, nobody else...
  13. Dear Agony Aunt . . . why, oh why, oh why can't we hang drug dealers? My people and my country are plagued with the little cnuts and they are even making schoolkids drug runners.

    Please can we hang them from lamp-posts or shoot them on sight?
  14. I'm sure most drug-dealers are also loathsome human beings into the bargain, but I have a better idea.

    Why don't we legalise all drugs, so that they're literally as cheap as chips. That way, anyone stupid enough to get themselves hooked on drugs won't have to mug and rob their way to every fix?
  15. And nmore revenue for Gordon the cyclops
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