Two decades of Eagles at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by pandaplodder, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. The United States air force base at Lakenheath in Suffolk has been celebrating 20 years since the first F15e Strike Eagle arrived there.
    Since the aircraft has been deployed at the base, it has seen action in Iraq, Afghanistan and most recently in the skies over Libya.

    BBC News - Two decades of Eagles at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk
  2. had a pretty good night out there in the 'liberty bell' once. Or was it milden hall?
  3. Do you think Lt Col Orchard's Mum knows he's in the UK? Christ, he doesn't look old enough to assemble an Airfix kit un-supervised, never mind horse a 500kt slab of steel around the Lake District.....
  4. Think we got to visit Lakenheath on a camp once... Remember driving on the wrong side of the road and a huge bowling alley, at least. I think we were staying at RAF Halton at the time as we got to visit Honington and pretend to be a rockape in the rapier dome. Either way, fairly sure we saw more than a few Eagles showing off on the day.
  5. You think, then you remember, then you think, then pretended, and then you're fairly sure.

    Do you already have alzheimers?
  6. Liberty Bell would be Lakenheath as its home to the Liberty Wing, only time I have been on base was either for airshows and once took a lumpy jumper who had injured herself on STANTA to their Med Centre (Rupert in charge decision not mine).
  7. Air Cadet?
  8. Its always been that way

  9. I love seeing the Strike Eagles at Lakenheath, but they don't have the giblet vibrating rumble the F1-11's had.

  10. Lakenheath 1

  11. Lakenheath 2

  12. Lakenheath 3