Two days that changed the world.

Two days that changed the WAR (not 'World' as in title).

10 pm Tonight on PBS (Sky channel 166).

I saw this last night and I wouldn't be able to live with myself (not an easy task at the best of times) if I didn't share it.

It perfectly (almost beautifully) shows the madness, stupidity and just damned poignancy of war in Vietnam over just two days in 1967, shown from both the perspective of the soldiers and the rioting students/police officers back home.

It might not affect everyone, but I've still got a lump in my throat 15 hours later.
Share what?


My apologies, you're right I did get the title wrong.

And I couldn't link to it because I couldnt find one. (Probably because I was using the wrong title....)

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