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Two cures for COVID-19


There’s an old joke that the military can cure any disease; just let them give it a NSN and no-one will be able to get hold of it.

On a more serious note, a lady in Aylesbury believes she had found a cure to getting ill; Mum drinks sperm smoothies to fight off coronavirus

I’m sure there are a few Arssers who would like to volunteer to help her stay healthy ....

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well protein and amino acids but I think the berries and banana will have more to do with it.

I'm sure the boy will not be complaining about his tri weekly milking though.

maybe we should have w@nk round for her and send her a few jars.


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If that's his sperm I would suggest a visit to an STD Clinic ASAP.


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Any impact on coronovirus is clearly entirely incidental to her decision to swallow sperm but, if her message has a similar impact to that of Greta Thunberg's, happy days.



If that's his sperm I would suggest a visit to an STD Clinic ASAP.
In my old job our engineering manager used to refer to Rocol threading compound* as "spunk."

One day I said, "Mate, if your spunk is coming out that colour you need to have a stern word with your missus and get yourself down the GUM clinic."

He referred to it as "threading compound" after that.

* Rocol compound was and probably still is a pus-green abrasive paste to lubricate and improve the cutting action of taps and dies. We gave it to our sparkies to facilitate threading cut lengths of steel conduit and - conveniently - easing fat cables through long runs of said conduit. Until muggins here pointed out that it was petroleum-based and attacked the PVC insulation on the cable. Fairy Liquid was favourite after that...

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