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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. I get the impression that ops are now completely dry - no booze allowed in theatre at all. This was perhaps marginally justifiable for political reasons when troops were in Saudi in GW1 but why is it being enforced now?
  2. Drink'n'guns not being a good combo?
  3. Ops are not completly dry, it is upto Unit commanders and most have adopted the 'dry' approach.

    When i was last on Telic there were a couple of units and commands (mostly UK NSE) that had alcohol, but even if you went into those lines you could not have a drink if your CO had deemed you dry.

    Think the fine was about £1000 for disobeying this Order.
  4. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Stick to the toucan rule.

    You can drink as much as you like - as long as it's Guinness.
  5. Hmm, remember guys in NI who used to save them up, or get guys who didn't want their two cans to pass them on. It defo wasn't difficult to get more than two.

  6. Also seen guys on the ranges first thing who were more hung-over and intoxicated than the result of any two cans of beer would have done.

    Some can hack it and some can't so to be safe the Army are obviously saying - completely dry.

    Can you imagine the thought that goes through civvies minds in places like NI or Iraq when they smell alcohol from soldiers - not a good advert eh.

    BT. :oops:
  7. My thoughts would be "Fcuk me! That bloke with the gun is p1ssed. I'm off"
  8. I seem to remember the two can rule applied in FI.

    It didn't seem to stem the flow of alcohol only increased the usage of harry black as you needed something to reseal your case of Carlsberg because as a junior rank you were not allowed buy an unopened can.

    Some fat EFI bitch would open every single one despite the protests.
  9. Yep 2 can rule is great, as long as there Jerry cans.
  10. Most Aussies love the fact that the Poms can drink booze on an op tour. Please don't tell me it's changes, I've spent the last 4 months harping on about the immaturity of the Australian Defence Force becaue there's a "no can rule" on deployment!
    Is Blair behind this one?
  11. I can see none of you have ever been on ops with a medical unit.

    The 2 can exsists to outside observers but then theres the QM bar! sensible drinking accepted with the odd function thrown in.
  12. Well our forbears conquered and governed two thirds of the planet on a regular rum ration. I'm not encouraging troops to be pis_ed on ops but taking it to the point of denying troops in the field a drop of anything even on Christmas day doesn't strike me as good for morale.
  13. A mate of mine on Telic 4 when he went on his R&R sent himself a parcel containing two cans of Stella every day he was home, this was of course when parcels up to 2 kg were still free to send. I remember him being livid for a few days when a few of his special parcels failed to turn up.
  14. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Not in my office. I used to 'obtain' a slab or two from the mess so my lads could have a couple in the office. :D
  15. But was it wise?

    Not a party-pooper, but soldiers - especially in any peacekeeping/aid-of-civil-power situation - are constantly exposed to local civvies whose favourable perceptions of the military are half the battle. Boozy soldiers = v. bad impression - especially when, for example, people seem to think the drunken behaviour of the Black-and-Tans was only yesterday. See :

    Added to which is the much increased risk of a negligent discharge. On an urban foot-patrol, for example, that could mean a tragedy for a bystander or one of your mates, and massive escalation of local and general tension if the former.

    Re current theatres, booze in the Middle East carries its own very tricky connotations.

    All in all, dry is probably best . . .