Two British terrorism suspects have died in a US drone strike

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by cavemandave, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. British Nationals Killed IN US CIA Drone Strikes In Waziristan, Pakistan | World News | Sky News

    Two British terrorism suspects have died in a US drone strike in northwest Pakistan, their family and friends believe.

    Ibrahim Adam and Mohammed Azmir were thought to have been killed by a CIA missile in Waziristan, a region which borders Afghanistan.
    A close friend of Azmir's family, who did not want to be named, was quoted as telling PA: "They have taken it very badly - this is the second son who has been killed in a drone strike."
    Father-of-three Azmir was born in Sheffield and lived in Ilford, Essex.
    The 37-year-old was made subject to a Treasury order freezing his assets in February 2010 in response to concerns he was involved in funding terrorism.
    However, he is not currently on the Treasury's list of people and organisations subject to financial sanctions.

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  2. Huzzah!
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  3. Oh dear, what a shame. Never mind.
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  4. The second son lost in a drone strike! They should have learnt from the first one then. These people should be gripped and tried for treason. That's if the drones don't get them.
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  5. Yep. Huzzah indeed! In fact, Hip Hip Hooray. Now lets deport his kids and wife if she is other that local meat.
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  6. Good Skills and Drills ! :-D
  7. AAGF


    Tsk - our children - they blow up so fast ...
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  8. Probably due to the fact his rectum is half a mile from his genitals and a goat is walking around with his teeth.
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  9. Great, great news on which to end the week.

    Moral; Big Boys Games, Big Boys Rules.
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  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    How frightfully sad... oh well, never mind.
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  11. Wonder what the drone operators leaderboard looks like.
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  12. I kind of think the bereaved family won't be getting too many 'in sympathy' cards from this address.....RIP*

    * of course it means rot in pigmeat
  13. Only two? Its a start.....
  14. Jolly good shooting, chaps!

    Maybe the rest of the backwards, traitorous scu- sorry, the rest of the deceased's family should go visit the area. And stay there.

    Why we don't immediately deport these people or hang them for treason I'll never know.

    When I'm in charge blah blah...
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  15. Its always "British Nationals", it should be Packies who have managed to wangle a British passport out of our weak government, who whilst sponging off the state are plotting to bite the hand that has fed & nutured them!
    Serve the bastards right, perhaps a few "drone strikes" in a few British cities would act as a deterrent to the treacherous scum!!
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