Two Boys Hit By Three Cars On M way

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kernowpuss, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Young Boys Hit By Three Cars On M-Way
    Updated: 19:38, Thursday October 25, 2007

    The father of a boy killed on a motorway has said his seven-year-old son may have been rushing home because he was afraid of the dark.
    Kieran Coupe and his friend Guy, six, were struck by three cars as they crossed the M56 close to their homes in Runcorn, Cheshire.

    Killed: Kieran Coupe, sevenThe older boy's father Colin Lambert, 31, suspects his son got lost in woods separating the boys' housing estate from the motorway and started to get worried.

    And when the pals heard shouts from Mr Lambert and neighbours out looking for them, they may have headed towards the voices - straight across the motorway.


    Kieran and Guy, who lived in the same street and were pals at Murdishaw Primary School, had been playing all afternoon but failed to return home for tea at 5pm.

    They are thought to have wandered through woods and crossed a footbridge above the motorway, before they doubled back across the Chester-bound carriageway and were run over.

    Grief-stricken Mr LambertMr Lambert said: "(Kieran) was playing with Guy and he had his little green scooter, a push scooter, and I thought they were in the street and they were safe.

    "When it got to 5pm, I started to worry because he was afraid of the dark and I knew he would want to be home.

    "I waited about 40 minutes then I went with my brother and about 12 neighbours to search the woods.

    "I think he may have gotten lost in the woods and were following the sound of our shouts when they got on to the motorway."

    Officers have said three saloon cars were involved in the tragedy. Nobody else was injured.

    Mr Lambert added: "I was very hysterical yesterday. The doctor's called to see me and gave me medication. They've suggested I have counselling."

    What the Feck were a 7 and 6 year old doing out unsupervised!
  2. It's called having an old fashioned childhood!
  3. That makes me young then :D
  4. "What the Feck were a 7 and 6 year old doing out unsupervised!"

    They failed to return for tea and the father went looking as soon as he realised something was wrong.
    Whilst it is tragic - they were playing outside home at a reasonable time and events took hold.
  5. Why on earth didn't they know better than to cross a motorway?
  6. You seen the Dad on the news?

    I'm sure the poor sod is distraught, but his 'statement' aimed at his ex wife just stinks of legal disclaimer I think.
  7. Statistically this means they were hit by 1.5 cars each.
  8. hits nail on head wtf were children of that age doing out alone??
  9. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Because of course, the human voice is more than capable of being heard from within a wooded area, and then over 6 lanes of motorway traffic during peak travel hours.

    Or, B).............
  11. Not wishing to sound like a tactless, unsympathetic cnut... but I like to think that even m'good self at that age would've realised the dangers of trying to cross a motorway in the dark. As Alvin would've said: 'Those two must've been out of their tiny minds!' Kids aren't taught properly these days. They fill their heads with safe gay sex, multi-cultural awareness and other associated leftie claptrap, and don't even teach them how to cross the fcuking road... never mind a motorway!

    On the upside, humanity has been spared the real possibility of these two growing up in to dangerously stupid adults and breeding even more of their ilk. I have more sympathy for the poor bloody drivers involved.
  12. My sentiments exactly, they also had children in the cars. One of our HATO patrols was first on scene, they said it was dark and with the traffic being so heavy, the drivers wouldn't have had any chance of stopping!!
  13. Nope just a cnut,lets hope we can use the same comments you have made in regard to some close relative of yours in the near future!
  14. No need to be afraid of the dark. 6 lanes of fast moving traffic is quite another matter.
  15. Evar noticed how all the motorways in Germany have large fences up if they are near any residetial areas? Wonder why the German government is prepared to go to all that unnecessary expense?