Two become one!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Infiltrator, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. According to the news today, scientists have now discovered that two separate species can mate to form a new species.....

    My question to you is this: What on earth could have mated to make the Monkeys?

    Any other suggestions?
  2. Sluggy & a bulldog :D

    A slugdog!
  3. Before I think of an answer, please clarify if you mean the furry animals, the band or the taxi service.
  4. It's a different process entirely, but they've been doing this with plants for years (crossing two species to make a fertile new species). I did hear about a carrott-cabbage cross. Apparently it was very dull. That's genetics for you, you can't predict the results.

    In case anyone was wondering why they haven't been able to cross a dog with a spider, bearing in mind they can do the equivilant with plants - It's because you have to double the DNA in the zygote, and animal cells are prone to exploding when you do this. Pity really...
  5. Father of Chubb and Mother of Chubb?
  6. I was thinking of that fine body of men with red caps on....although the band would also probably qualify for a response too.
  7. I shagged a sweet little RMP lance jack wench in Rhein D in the 80s then rolled her over in did that hole to which saved my career..... when her as a full screw knicked me for a rather unsavory display in Padders and rather than risk the details coming out down the cop shop I was dropped off elsewhere with a warning not to expect another let off and that I was a crap shag! Bitch 8)
  8. I saw a few thing in C103 that it could have been the other night...
  9. Cant beat shagging a woman that comes with her own cuffs and trunchon (tho the 9mil Browning was a bit OTT!) :roll:
  10. Its nothing new, there have been shoats and geeps (sheep and goat cross) and tigons and ligers (tiger and lion cross) for decades.
  11. And Camas and LLamels.