Two Arrseholes

Paddy, Mick and Seamus are walking down the road when Seamus is hit by a bus. A little while later Paddy and Mick are taken to the morgue and asked to identify their friend. Paddy goes in first and stares at Seamus' face for a few minutes. He says "Yes that's certainly Seamus, but could you turn him over so I can be sure?". The morgue attendant is a bit perplexed, but he does what Paddy asks. Paddy then stares closely at Seamus' arrse for a few minutes. The attendant asks if there is anything wrong, and Paddy looks a bit confused and leaves.
The attendant is now worried, so he asks Mick to confirm the identification. Mick sees Seamus' face and immediately identifies him, but then he also asks the attendant to turn him onto his front. The attendant again does as he asks, and waits while Mick has a good look at his late friend's arrse. Finally he confirms that it is Seamus, and starts to leave with a confused look on his face.
The two are about to leave when the attendant stops them and says he just has to ask them what that was about, with them both asking to see their friends arrse. Paddy answeres "Well, we were just a bit curious really. See, whenever we were out with Seamus people used to call out 'here comes Seamus with the two arrseholes'"

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