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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dawson1988, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. Hi there, i am currently in the process of joining the navy, near the end of the recruitment phase in fact but i have been thinking alot bout the army lately, would i be able to apply to the army and see how i get on with that and thus have to applications for the armed forces on the go? As much as i will obviously have to make a decision down the line :p
  2. Simply put NO
  3. navy and army are two different forces,

    if you want to go for the navy then go for it.. otherwise pull out and apply for the army.
  4. A bit of a pitty as i would like either really i think, just didnt want to scrap one and then perhaps not get anywhere with the army and have to start everything all over again, guess i need to make a choice sooner than later then :p

  5. i think at some point, if yu joined the army, you would be able to do some training with the navy i think, if you go down the commando route i think... i aint sure, but i mean it is, something yu have to do a lil bit of research on... but i mean there aint no harm in asking questions...
  6. Why not step into an AFCO and then ask both the Army and the Navy what they have to offer and make a decision, or if you want to do both Then go Marines.
  7. that was what i was on about the marines, you get a bit of both worlds dont you?
  8. You can have an application going with the regular army and TA at the same time so why not with the army and navy at the same time?
    Up until you sign/attest (?) you aren't committed to either.
  9. Yeah i got applications running with the RAF and army they don't mind just keeping options open :)
  10. Is this another way of saying your confused about your sexuality?
    Join the navy and if you dont like getting bummed pull out and join the army, simple ;)