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I'm wondering something. At the moment I've got an application ongoing with the TA and with the Regs, both are moving forward. I've just got a letter from the TA one inviting me to a selection weekend next month, if successful then soon after I would have to do the attestation and start training. If I attest and join the TA is their a time limit I have to be there before I can switch to Regs? For all I know my regular application could go on for sometime (I don't know how long) so I could take the opportunity to get into the TA and start learning a bit more about it. Or perhaps my regular application will go through quickly and I will suddenly want to switch over, which may be a bit of a waste of people's time from the TA point of view (would they see it this way or is getting on and doing any service good?).
So which is the 'point of no return' where I can't change my mind and go Reg or TA. I was initially going TA as I was employed full time but recently got made redundant (like a lot of people) so thought I would open up a Reg application. Just want to keep the TA option there in case a civilian employer comes back to me with something relatively well paying!
I've got a feeling some people will tell me I should be more certain about what I'm doing.


Indeed you should be certain about what you want mate. Do you want a civvy job and to be a part time soldier, Or is the army a career that you wish to follow. It isn't a job that you take lightly, I believe it says on the application form that you may have to take a life in order to preserve life. Have a think about whether being a reg is really the thing for you.


Yes your feeling is exactly right, stop pussyfooting around and make a decision, at the moment you dont have any obligations so just join Regular army, you either want to be in the army or not really.
Well I'm more in a situation where I want to join the army and I have a TA application open as well, which may well get sorted faster, I'm wondering if there's any point being in the TA for a few months (or more?) while my Reg application goes through, or if it's even possible to do that.
all military experience is cumulative and hence can be beneficial. You are in a scenario where you may or may not be successful in your application to either or both the Regular Army or the TA. I would advise you to proceed with your TA application. You might conceivably have up to 12 months to wait before you actually join the regular Army. During that period you could achieve a lot of military training, understand the Army and perish the thought decide it isn't quite what you really want.

Now some may say "Foul! what a waste of a PID in your TA unit." Well that assumes that there is some poor soul left out on the street outside a TAC, who would have got your post if you hadn't selfishly scooped it up only to quit for Regular service later. In my experience, very few units have a full ORBAT and there is always room to overbear if you work the system.


I was exactly the same as you mate, i was going to join 4 Para just for the fitness while i was waiting for my regular application to go through. I no they would of been p***ed off when i told them i was going to leave for the regs so i sacked it off. My suggestion is just go regular mate, If you get to basic training and its not for you, sack it off. Then sort your T.A application out.
Thing is yeh it could be 12 months, in which case I could get a lot done with the TA. Or it could be the case where I'm in the TA and a month later (like after only a couple of weekends training or something) turn around and say right am off Regular. I don't know if that would piss them off. I did tell the TA unit I had both apps going they said it's quite common and they didn't seem to mind. It might be a different case after I join and commit to training with them, and if I swear myself in with them am I not legally obliged to keep training with them rather than moving on? I don't know how that works.


Go for it mate, just crack on with you t.a and reg application then. Once you've got the good to go for Reg, tell the T.A. Some people will be chuffed for you and you will get some that will be pissed off. Dont worry about them though, do what you thinks best for you. I dont think T.A applications take that long, not too sure though.

Good luck mate


YesSirMasterChief said:
It might be a different case after I join and commit to training with them, and if I swear myself in with them am I not legally obliged to keep training with them rather than moving on? I don't know how that works.

You are swearing allegience to the Queen, so whether you are serving in a full time or part time capacity makes no odds.

As long as you are open and honest with the TA about your regular intentions then you will not have any problems - people will be publicly disappointed if you go, but privately pleased.

And don't forget the TA if you do go regular - chances are you will be welcomed with open arms when you leave.

i was in the T.A. for 8yrs , i know while your in the T.A . you can apply for whats called an FTRS where you go away with the regs an serve with them for either 6months or 12 . but youve got to do your cic first at catterick an then a few months with your company before you can apply for it . I thought about joining the army when i left school but wasnt sure so i joined the T.A i found my self serving with the regs on optelic2 2003 an when the tour was about to finish the regs gave most of the T.A lads the option to stay on with them full time .


well i have done exactly what you are thinking to the full knowledge of the ta. The ta accept the fact that if you join them you may want to join the regs.

I started with the ta not so long ago but the process of joining with the ta was very quick i had joined and got attested pretty much within 2 weeks and i had already applied for the regs.
Again same as you i got laid off in the new year and getting a new job that is ta friendly is hard these days, even getting a job is hard now.
As people have said you may not be successful with the regs app, so what have you lost, nothing, still in the ta though.
nobody is indespensable and it's not like they have gone out of their way to get you on board, it's their job to recruit people and they'll keep on doing it.

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