Twitter?? Utter Waste of Time or Essential Modern Comms Tool?

Well I'm not going to get involved in that debate but there is little doubt that it is the current *next big thing* on the Internet. Personally, from being an utter cynic I'm increasingly convinced although I suspect it is heavily dependent on your line of business. Media - yes, construction work - no!

Does ARRSE 'tweet', well yes of course we do from two accounts:

  • ARRSE - this is an active account where you get whatever we consider to be interesting or amusing
  • ARRSE_RSS - an automated feed of new threads, it is updated every 30 mins or so which means you tend to get tweets in a burst.

For those with slightly broader interests you may also like:

  • Rear Party - Auto posts with new threads but also active tweets mainly from EvilAdj
  • Rum Ration - Matelot chat
  • NavyNet_RSS - Auto Feed similar to ARRSE_RSS
I find Twitter and that bloody Facebook pointless. I notice a lot of sites are now moving to this "Thanks for visiting, if you want to win any of our prizes then visit our FB page" nonsense. Let's just force everyone onto it so it looks really popular.

Some of my lot at work read the bloody things out! What a pile of drivel some of these people post/tweet/shite whatever. Personally, I shall remain a grumpy old luddite in my shed (oops, sorry BCO)

I'm afraid I don't know. Not even sure if I've got one.


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I'm relatively new to Twitter but do find it rather interesting. It's all down to who you decide to follow - start tracking stupid non-celebs and you can expect pointless drivel. If, however, you find some good commentators in areas that interest you, you'll find that Twitter can be a good, fast source of news.

I do like the ARRSE feeds (not just because they plug me a couple of times a week - cheers chaps!). All I'd say, BCO, is that when you follow all the Olivenet accounts you tend to get the same things over and over. It's nothing major, but I for one would prefer it if ARRSE only touted ARRSE posts, and Rum Ration only touted their's. If you want news from both, you'd follow both.
I was very sceptical about Twitter too until I tried it. As Bruno said, if follow people/organisations with the same interests as yourself there are some great things to discover. There are several excellent tweeters of military history for example.
I find the langauge used rather childish - "tweets" and "tweeting" FFS! Its a bit like these computer games aimed at 18-20 somethings - you see some simpering girl or student looking blokes going crazy over some game and when you see a screen shot it looks like a game designed for play-school aged children.

If I want to stay in touch with someone I have a phone and e-mail. The rest is all pointless tosh designed to make someone money.

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