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Twitter slowing site.


Minor issue. When the main page is loading, quite often it pauses half way and takes an age to load the big twitter box on the left. I have "waiting for www.twitter.com" in my status bar bottom left, and can't do a thing until it sorts itself out. Can't access any forums as the frames in the middle haven't loaded yet.

Don't know if anyone else is experiencing similar. Minor, but thought I'd flag it up.
You have a shit internet connection as well as me then, yep when mines slow, Twitter slows the page loading.

Doesn't make any difference when up to speed.


Making it load last would be the logical option. That way, those suffering from similar circumstances will still be able to navigate happily away from the front page without noticing!

I did mention it was a minor problem, at the moment it just seems to be two users with shite internet connections....

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