Twitter or Stalker?

I went to a seminar a few months ago, organised by Business Link. It was all about making the best out of social networking. The speaker claimed she had made about 750k out of twittering and recommended that all business peeps should get involved in this new and growing phenomena.

750k I thought, that’s a handsome reward for talking bollocks, and being a master of said subject - got mi-self all registered up and all... and well... nope - not a fekkin penny so far. But there is something weird about peeps volunteering to have strangers following them.... very weird.

I managed a few years ago to register with FaceBook and in several years have accumulated a sum total of no mates... that said, whenever any cnut applies to be my mate - I immediately hit the fek off button. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong with this social networking lark....
Have you thought about using deodorant?

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