Twitter is dead.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. There is now a much better social site.clicky linky thing

    I think some arrser has had a hand in this.
  2. You're missing a "w" in your link
  3. Try adding an extra "w" to the address and it might work.
  4. Sorry,I have fat fingers.

    EDIT.Think I've done it?
  5. now thats good
  6. Sent to a few people I know that think Twitter is awesome. Twats.
  7. It HAD to fückin' happen, didn't it? Brilliant!

  8. Very good, as mentioned above, sent to people who think Twitter is the dogs.
  9. Twitter IS awesome! I use it as an interactive RSS Feed. plus its handy for the occasional message to my friends.
  10. I find email so much better to send the occasional message to friends...mainly because I don't have to log onto some muppet, chav, so called social shite website to do it.
  11. WTF's wrong with Twitter?

    Though I have sent the link to my (imaginary) friend.
  12. It's poopier then a poopy thing.
  13. Email is what is dying, not twitter. I hardly use email to keep in contact with friends and they me. Google wave or similar is the future of business and social networking for home use. Email wont be going anywhere soon, but its dying slowly.
  14. email will never die, just as writing letters will never die. Doing twit-ter is just a fad and will fade in a few years......and only those who are addicted to soaps etc will like it. What is twitter anyway? Just some sort of blog of people that other people read/follow...its basically for kids and gay people.
  15. ARRSE / Arrser. Twitter / Twits.