First post, first impressions count and you are a twät.
Spliff-Boy said:
First post, first impressions count and you are a twät.

Slightly harsh Spliff-boy, it's the lads first post and he obviously hasn't spent enough time reading or writing the English language!! Once the original post gets amended to include all the words that are missing, and the whole thing reads correctly; then we can have an informed discussion about the very valid point that is being raised.

Unfortunately, as the post reads like a 3 yr old's crayon scribblings at the minute, paired with the cunning subject heading, I'll have to agree with your first impression. SCAM12, you are indeed a tvvat!
Now come on, play nicely with the other Arrsers. That first post took the lad 4 months to put together.

SCAM12, I for one look forward to your reply and I'll be back to check in July!



War Hero
Scam12 said:
19 Lt Bde will soon be without a sig sqn! as i write a tear falls from my eyes, yes it is true! Even now as i write this subject yet more good guys are reaching for the clerks desk to HANG UP THEIR (TWISTERS)!

This is not common whilst units deploy on tours AS WE ALL NO! - however
the numbers are so high it causes biterness amonst the ranks!

In this case i have the answer to the problem! but as im not god this creates a problem!

If your not god, and you have the answer?


Yawn. Delete/insert any unit name into subject and first line and repeat until funny.

While you're at it, lets have a dig at some random trade groups as well...

Cos that makes so much sense, maybe SCAM12 should go an hang up their twisters, or even better hang themselves with them!! then we could all have a bit of morale!! :thumright:

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