Twisted ankle getting worse

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by iamalondoncrab, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. I need some advice about my ankle, which I badly twisted (doctors thought it was broken at first). The accident happened over 2 weeks ago, but, while the swelling is slowly going down and my ankle had gone from midnight blue to a less alarming reddish purple, I'm unable to walk on it. It can bear weight fine, but whenever I move my calf into the vertical position for more then about 20 seconds, pain builds up in the back of my leg. Over the last few days the pain comes quicker and more intense, and the leg has started to ache even when flat. I'm baffled, and to be honest quite worried - I was expecting to recover, not deteriorate. Any ideas as to what's going on? And, yes, I have seen a doctor, and, no, he wasn't very helpful - he just told me to wait.
  2. Physiotherapy.
  3. Twisted my ankle whilst tabbing last year (not coloured to your standard but still sodding painful none the less). Was told it was badly twisted and sent away with some pain killers, a bit of sympathy and told to keep moving it or else it would stiffen up and problems would ensue. A weeks worth of infantry work later and I'm struggling to walk let alone run on it. Back to the med office but this time a different doc. Pulls and pushes, um's and arr's. Then hits me with his opinion that its a hairline fracture of my mariola (someone correct my spelling) which is the non weight bearing bone in your ankle apparently. Light duties, excused PT until better.

    Moral of the story "if it still hurts, go back to the doc and ask for a second opinion". If it really hurts that bad then get yourself down to A&E and get them to x-ray it. Worse case scenario is that they tell you same thing and send you home. Honestly mate, don't sit in agony if it's really that bad.

    Good luck.
  4. You would have been better off breaking it mate - tendon/ligament damage can take forever to heal. I wasnt able to run properly for a couple of years without being in pain after injuring my ankle tabbing.

    In all honesty rest is the most important thing.

    RICE it with the emphasis on Rest and buy a TENS machine to assist recovery. Seriously, I still use mine now (£25 in boots) and it works fcking wonders!!!
  5. You may have damaged your malleolus which is a small odontoid peg, in the case of the lateral malleolus, protruding from the fibula. A lot of ligaments are attached to the malleolus so if it fractures it can be quite a long healing process and usually involves complete immobilisation for a period of time. An X-Ray will reveal if it is indeed a #malleolus. The malleolus is most commonly fractured by inverting the ankle where your foot goes on its side and your full weigth bears on it. Think back to how you injured yourself, if it wasn't an inversion injury it probably wasn't your lateral malleolus.

    Having said that London Crab you don't mention your age, the older you are the longer it takes for your body to recover, so it may just be that it is a simple sprain but because of your age it is taking longer to heal.
  6. see doctor again AND get yourself to a physiotherapist ASAP.

    Having said that, my ankle (twisted 3 years ago) has never been right since. even with physio, it was swollen for six weeks, couldn't walk on it for two, and I would occasionally dislocate one of the bones in my foot over the following months. I have tried to get it fixed, but it looks like its fecked for good. (it's severly restricting the exercise I can do and stopping me joining the TA :-( )

    the day after i did it, i took myself to a private physio and he was quite clear that i would have been better to break the ankle than twist it in the way i did!

    what i'm saying is. do whatever it takes to make your you get this thing sorted!!!!!
  7. Twisted my ankle 3 times this year and has been worse each time. I found balancing on one leg helpful as it improves your balance and strentgh helping when your foot strikes the floor. Apart from that rest and not aggravating it is eesential, I bought a neoprone ankle support which worked wonders and although my ankle still hurt after runs or walking it did help to subside the pain. It requires alot of patience to get better, and once you have gone over on it once, it will never be the same again. I have also heard that streching the ankle muscles is bad as it makes the muscles more supple making you more liable to twist it but I am not sure if that is true.
  8. Acupuncture mate. Get someone to stab you in the chest with a screwdriver. It'll help take your mind off your ankle for a while.
  9. The bit Markintime refers to is the lump on the outside of your ankle. You also have a lump on the inside of your ankle, the medial malleolus. A fracture of this will occur in a similar way to that which Markintime outlined, only with the foot moving in the opposite direction. It can be quite difficult to get an X-ray to reveal a fracture of these areas.

    If it was a sprain, the continued swelling (particularly as you mention a reddishness) could be cellulitis. Does it feel hot?

    A further visit to your doctor, or a second opinion, seems like a sensible next step if your ankle can stand it!
  10. odontoid peg??? In your ANKLE??? Thats a new one!!!
  11. When you lay down, try elevating your leg on two pillows. This will lesson the pressure from the flow of blood to that area. It won't speed up the healing process but will eleviate the pain.

    The same applies for shin splints.
  12. Not really, the malleoli look a bit like teeth added on to the bottom of the tibia and fibula which is why they are often described as an odontoid (toothlike) peg not to be confused with the Odontoid Peg which is part of the Axis.
  13. Tendon damage takes bloody ages to heal

    I rolled my ankle a couple of years back and it took me a month to walk without pain and 3 months for full usage
  14. Visit your doctor again, ask for a second opinion. Agree with someone else up there, things like ankles, you're better off breaking them, damage to just about anything else in them takes bloody ages to get back to 100%. I injured my left ankle about 5 years ago, couldn't run for about a year, still get pain if I try and push it too far.