Twins get marriage annulled

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by box-of-frogs, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. Ewwww, they most likely did the noughty horizontal tango
  2. I suppose its normal for Norfolk...............

    I wonder if he did her up the arrse?.... :twisted:
  3. I know it's a really sad story but .....

  4. This was just on BBC lunchtime news. My first thought........... I wonder if he did her up the arrse?
    Great minds think alike!!
  5. Brilliant!
  6. I was just wondering what the kids are going to be like.
  7. Ugly with webbed feet???
  8. The question is, is she good looking enough for him to want to keep seeing her?
    Did they have one last bunk up for old times sake before the annulment?
    Important questions that need answering......
  9. Has CA become the Naafi??
  10. What a terrible situation ...

    ... it isn't actually illegal in Norfolk to marry your sister but it is bad manners to fcuk her before your dad!

  11. [​IMG][​IMG]
  12. Perhaps putting it in Current Affairs would have the inevitable outcome? :D
  13. Tell me you mean Norfolk, Virginia!
  14. I just found this story on the BBC and came on to the Rumour Service expecting to see the thread titled.. 'Keep it in the Family'

    Disturbing news for the couple concerned so perhaps we aught not to take the piss so much and have a little compassion.

    After all how would you feel if you found your wife/girlfriend/partner was your sister or brother.

    Let it roll ............