Twin Towers - The conspiracy theory

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by shagnasty, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Today I listened to a programme on BBC Radio 2 - Jeremy Vine. It seemed to be a trailer for a TV programme due sometime this week, outlining the looney fringe's conspiracy theory that it was the American military/ industrial / political triumverite that initiated the destruction of the twin towers. Evidence came from such as David Shaller, (Ex M15 nutter) & David Ickky, (sometime goalie and known fruit bat.)

    Evidence was given, such as the aeroplanes seen hitting the towers were holograms! I just wonder how the relations of the many hundreds who died in this terrorist attack feel - knowing that their loved ones were simply holograms?

    Several so called "experts" concluded that internal explosions set off by the CIA were the root cause of the twin towers collapse. Ignoring the fact that concrete and steel boxes do not make a sound structure once one of these components has been degraded - impact explosion being one of them. No. You couldn't make it up.

    I must admit I always thought that the state either locked up lunatics or gave them medication. It is with some trepidation that these conspiracy loonies, along with the Princess Diana conspirator theorists - "It was the Duke of Edinburgh & MI5 that done it." - are still amongst us.

    I have no allegience to the Bush/Blair axis but come on guys - this is taking credulity one step too far. Nicht War?
  2. Got to you too did they?
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I need some more tinfoil.

    This hat isn't working properly.
  4. One advantage of getting old is that you stop listening to Radio 2 and the likes of Jeremy Vine
  5. I too heard said program, and was intrigued by the ideas of the man who proposed that the world is under the control of one amalgamate, choosing where to fight next (apparently Africa, if you "Mark his words") and the incredible occulision that we are "Genetically engineered beings controlled by the lizards beneath the Earth's surface".

    Personally i cant wait until his book comes out, i need something to wrap my bacon in for the harsh conditions of my fridge.
  6. He must have shares in bacofoil to keep harking that sh1te about !! Holograms ffs.

  7. It seems they are getting desperate, the Loose Change thing was interesting but it is getting pethetic now. People who look dappa and have alot of money like thies two seem to think people will listen!
  8. I have just watched The Dukes of Hazzard and Sheef (mong spelling) reckons that armadillo shells block the signals the best from the CIA. :thumright:

    Que song "Is this the road to armadillo", or is it Arm a Dildo the porn industry fights back! :numberone:
  9. I'm waiting for SLRcunt to post on this thread.
  10. Shayler & Icke.........mmmmmm, it must be right then. Pass me the tinfoil, quickly !
  11. Slugboy, French tw*t and bugsy are the producers of this little ' speculative documentary ' doubt.. as for the 'real truth' not the phony truth or the oggicial government coverup truth you just have to mosy over to the ARRSEhole and read the 30 pages of effluent that passes for ' ifferfutable proof '..
  12. Oh Christ, not again. No sooner does one thread on this get cast into the hole than another springs up.
  13. Er,hm,yes,the conspiracy theory.I could never figure out how all that jet fuel just melted all that steel in the twin towers.In my limited experience,you can burn as much jet fuel as you like and you won't even heat the steel to red.
    I guess I am missing something.
  14. johnel wrote

    I guess you are.
  15. Read this,it makes interesting reading!link