Twin pop stars with angelic looks are new face of racism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Oct 25, 2005.

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  1. Yet another example of adulst brainwashing kids. Reminds me of palastinian kids being taught to hate the jews...

    I don't know how the rest of you feel but i inherently agree with the last sentence of that paragraph. After all if it's good enough for those of african descent to promote and preserve their race, then why not for white people?

  2. Unfortunately it's mixed up with a hell of alot of neo-nazi bullsh1t as well.

    This pair were apparently featured in a Louis Theroux documentary and it showed how vile the girls mother was in brainwashing them into this crap. If it happened in this country I think they would seriously consider doing the mother for child abuse!
  3. got to say, i agree with you.
  4. J_D

    J_D LE

    I know its hard to make a good impression on children these days but still, what are the girl's parents thinking.

    Its only going to lead to a bad ending with these 2 girls, what a life the mother has put them in.

    I agree with mike!
  5. I saw that about 3yrs ago. It was really interesting but also cringeworthy. Some messed up people out there i tells ya!
  6. Nice T-Shirts Girls :roll:

  7. Agent_Smith said:
    A-S at the risk of a major Waaah (your statement might have been tongue in cheek) what does 'preserve their race' actually mean? These fukcers want to preserve their race by establishing supremacy over all others. I'm more interested in preserving our society and way of life which encompasses tollerance to all races.
  8. Love to see their parents face when they fetch home some black hip hop stars at age 19.

    'Mommy, meet Massive Schlong - he is the father of my unborn child!!'
  9. Have to agree with B_N's line above, however in our current PC climate there seems to be the beleif that white = bad and ethnic diversity = good, I happen to believe what a wise old lady (my grandmother) once said "there is good and bad in every race, get on with the good and fcuk the rest" (obviously she never said fcuk but you get the drift).

  10. I'm going to be charitable and figure you're just making a point, one that I would agree with in principle. Sarcasm doesn't always translate online...

    They are, after all, probably a muddle already -- just not a brown one. For instance, Tankie is whiter than the underside of David Duke's nutsack, but he's a hodgepodge of ancient British/European tribes -- a veritable buffet of whiteness. So which "race's" customs and traditions do we preserve, exactly? Do we pick one out of a hat? If our kids look "white," can they sneak in under the wire?

    Also, most people of African descent in America have "white" blood in them. Latinos as well. It's just a matter of time before it happens to the Asians too. How would purity be decided? Measuring noses and skin tones, a la Rwanda? Whose customs do we honor? As someone of Latin descent, if I choose to "go native" and worship the war god, that still doesn't account for the 500 years of European Catholic traditions in my family. Do I just ignore it?? And where would I find a native Mexican to marry? Internet dating isn't a huge thing yet in the Chiapas mountans.

    The whole racial-purity thing gives me a headache because it's ridiculous. Nobody that espouses it is thinking it through.

    I may have to make a special trip to Bakersfield when I'm home (whatever the biggest trailer-park sh!thole in the UK is, multiply that by 10 and you're close) to backhand their mother, though.

    Edited because:

    - previous opener was more snotty than intended
    - birdie_nummuns beat me to it.
    - murielson: :lol: :twisted:
  11. What you say is true and some of the stupid PC ideas coming out add fuel to the Supremacist/Nationalist extremists who twist it into a racial attack on whites when in fact it is not an attack on whites. It is an unwelcome and unnecessary amendment to our whole society, affecting all racial groups.
  12. Don't worry folks they wont last.

    Try their links and samples on their website.

    I think the technical term is ..... they are pish.

    Two whiney, nasal kids droning on to a badly strummed school guitar. No threat to the free world methinks!
  13. Wow, I suppose I used a crap headline. :(

    PS: JSPrest, you've just made the FBI's white supremacist watch list :).

  14. More to the point jailbait or what!!!!!! Just got to wait three years!!!

    edited for crap spelling
  15. Probably five years there (and another three before they can get p1ssed)!