Twilight - Vampire film

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by LordVonHarley, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. I have just watched Twilight with my good lady (Her Choice)
    Teenage vampires in Washington State. Good vs Bad blood suckers and werewolf Indians.
    I spent most of the time trying to decide if shagging one of the hot female blood suckers would constatute necrophilia?

    Good film for kids but could have done with more blood, guts, naked lezzer vampires, swearing, boozing and exploding undead.....
  2. I read about this and first impressions were that it would be a cheesy storyline. Surprisingly though, i loved the movie and can't wait to watch the next one. It has been said though that the books are far better than the actual movie.
  3. I learned something from this film- it's ok to fondle underage teenage girls again if you're 107 years old.
  4. And a vampire.
  5. The books are written by a mormon doris. WTF did you expect? If nothing else, the fact that you were the only ones in the cinema old enough to sprout pubes should have given you a clue.
  6. That would explain why the lead Vamp Dude did not bang the life out of the leading ladies virgin hoop before turning her in to a Vampette and tucking into her Daddy as a midnight snack.

    Thinking about it, the the theartre was full of 13/14 girls..... Thou no Goths!
  7. Never mind, with a bit of luck this whole vampire craze will stop the split-arses complaining about blokes who make a point of fcuking off before breakfast time. ;)
  8. Are you a Doris?

    How does Mormon Buffy in Folks end in the trilogy? Does she become a Vamp?
    Does the redhead Vampette get Naked?
  9. It's cam, which means it's probably a crap quality.
  10. Nah its good - apparently!!
  11. Oh well okay, but you could also just watch it online, quicker.
    Lordvonharley- I've not read the books.
  12. I thought it was rubbish.