Twickers Debrief

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the_guru, May 7, 2006.

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  1. The game was shite. Weather spoiled it, cos someone nicked the ball and replaced it with a bar of soap. Army were far better but didn't capitalise. I went back to the Corps bar 10 mins before the end. They didn't reopen till the game finished so we all crushed up and waited for more alcohol.

    But I had a fantastic day in the tent and to those who know me, I would like to say that it was truly fantastic to see so many old friends again (and their wives too!) A great day had by all I hope and even the weather didn't spoil my day. Just got up with a head throbbing like a blind cobblers thumb and emptied my day sack of the 10 empty bottles of Heiny that some kind soul put in it. I carried them all day !!!

    To all of you, I salute you.

  2. I thought it was pump, crap game, the bars around the ground were far too rammed to even get a drink in and once the game actually started there was no where at all to get a beer.

    Corps tent was like a bog in some places and far too small but the bar staff were really good and I never had to wait long for a beer.

    Won't be going back there next year, I managed to spend 80 quid and go home sober. Should have stayed in and thrown myself round my room a bit instead, would have been a lot cheaper and id have had more fun.
  3. who won ??????????????? score ??????????????
  5. Good day or bad day am still bitter didnt make it down.

  6. weather was crap. game was crap and the fact they wouldn't open any of the bars until full time was BOLL*CKS. But managed to have a great time in the wetherspoons we even managed to pull a couple of birds there and headed into town. Took 4 hours to get there on sat & 3.5 to get back on sun by feckin train when it's only a 1 hour journey, how long does it take to fix a bit of rail, I've seen techs work faster than that!!!
  7. i had a great day, had a ticket but went to the patch to watch the game on sky2 :oops: the shame. went to the church yesturday to top a quality weekend. met steve thompson as well :lol:

    ps those i wee'd on i'm very sorry it wasn't me it was evil hallveg :twisted:

  8. Yeah, Steve Thompson had his wooly England hat on and seemed to be having a good old time. All the pubs seemed to be heaving during the match, certainly the patch and Rugger Tavern were. I've only just got back. Daren't check the bank balance though!
  9. Dont do it! i have, it really really hurt :cry:
  10. Corps bar will be re-locating next year away from the confines of the ground, this should alleviate the problem with the tit of a doorman and the ground problem, and with a bit of luck we should be able to sell more tickets.
  11. Yeah, the doorman was a chopper. It doesn't help when the Corps screws up the bar ticket allocation. Mind you, I still managed to sneak in round the side.

  12. :x

    Too late for that. I know there's only one.

    Sunday just about made up for it. :)

    No stratch that. Sunday was blinding. :D
    However may have to burn those trousers.
  13. Glad my Church Entry skills have finally be recognised. and dont burn them! thats ginger wazz that, girls love the smell,
    its all the fermahermahones! seriously i have to bat them off with sticks!
  14. This has to be, without doubt one of the worst performances I have seen from an Army Rugby Union team at Twickenham. They have played far, far better when they have Lost. I doubt, knowing the current Army coach,that I do, he will have been far from happy. Of course I know at the end of the day it is all about winning, BUT i'd bet money on it, they were not celebrating, at least not with a clear consience. They (Army) have to shoulder the full burden of responsibility, people spend good money to travel and watch their team. I know they are all soldiers and not full time players not all of them at least, but they have accept ownership that what went on Saturday 6th May was woefully poor, at best. The selection was I think a little odd, but i am not the man in the Chair. For those that don't realise, The whole Army rugby season is geared to this one match. If indeed there is any of the Army Squad reading this then take the critism, draw a line under it and move on. A t least you (we) won. Fuoking just.
  15. I thought the title Army Navy game was just an elaborate cover story for us to blag our wife’s with, are you suggesting there is actually a game of rugby ball played??? 8O

    what are the odds of that??? :wink:

    well done Army team for going out of there way to play a game thus giving me an alibi to feed Mrs Hallveg. when in reality i have really just been out on the razz!