Twickenham advice please...

Hi all,

So my friend got tickets to see the game. We have hotel sorted etc. The thing is, it will be the first time going for both of us and have seen that the pubs around the stadium close at 8pm? So question is where do people go for a drink afterwards? We're hoping to carry on and make a night of it, so any advice or tips of where to go would be very welcome.

Thanks guys xx
Hold on, you've just posted the same sodding post, are you from Essex as well as blonde?
Fine by me, welcome, enjoy, you will laugh your socks off, as long as you've got the skin of a rhinoceros (metaphorically of course).
Yes they were but I dared her to put a post in the NAAFI so she did but it was the same post!
Didnt this one just get done? Or is the dementia force strong today?
Haven't I already explained the LSD flashbacks? Haven't I already explained the LSD? Haven't I...........sod it, pass the Brasso.

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