Twickenham advice please... :-)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Philly1982, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. :dead:Hi all,

    So my friend got tickets to see the game. We have hotel sorted etc. The thing is, it will be the first time going for both of us and have seen that the pubs around the stadium close at 8pm? So question is where do people go for a drink afterwards? We're hoping to carry on and make a night of it, so any advice or tips of where to go would be very welcome.

    Thanks guys :) xx
  2. Go to Richmond, there is a pub there called "The Orange Tree" that will be filled with people from the game. If you fancy a break from that crowd there are lots of bars there that are also very good.
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  3. Yup, its a sad reflection that they close all the bars in Twickenham and on the way to Richmond at 8pm or before. Its an attempt to disperse the Rugger Buggers so that a more desirable clientelle can drink in the evening. I don't think it happens on normal International days.

    Its utter bollox, it doesn't work and service herberts will always sniff out a drinking establishment. And drink 'til the early hours!
  4. Is the 'Barmy Arms' still going?
  5. Just googled and yes TW1 3DU
  6. Thank you. Must be a London thing, they'd never close a bar early in Birmingham! Lol x
  7. Should you be heading into central London, the Hole in the Wall at Waterloo is quite good after rugby games.
  8. Usual drill for my mob is The Orange Tree pre and post game (50p bus to and from the ground there). Then the UJ for a few, then Walkabout at Temple for some atrocious shape throwing.

    I find Richmond a lot less hassle than Twickenham and usually wait a while for the rush for the trains to die off.

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  9. Avoid the cabbage patch in Twickers its a bloody nightmare, though my lot usually all meet there, usually to pissed to care after a while.
  10. After sitting on the planning committee for a few years, AvN throws up lots of problems for the RFU, Twickenham and Plod that internationals dont. Generally, fans arrive at an International about an hour before the game and leave about the same after. As we all know thats not the case for AvN!
  11. Fair one.

    However, the bar profits in the ground for that one day must exceed whats made for the rest of the year combined.
  12. Well it was still around 40k attendance when I did it which is half of Twickers capacity IIRC. I believe we were on a par with a full international for drinks sales which is no mean feat when you think that the Blue half tend to use the West Stand car park for bus parties etc
  13. Have they started opening the bars now? It used to be dry.

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  14. eh, Leinster v Ulster final last year bars were dry of draught by half time. At the Heineken Cup Final too.
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