Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by down_under, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Woohoo, 23 years in. That's 23 years of undetected crime and skiving. :D

    Another 10 years should see the car paid off :(

    No point to this post, just wanted to shout it out to the other side of the world. :wink:
  2. Well Done that man!!!
  3. Tell me, how have you managed to keep your sanity for so long?

    Well done fella!
  4. Not too shoddy old chap
  5. Masochism for Fun and Profit! Hat, gloves and socks off to you, old chap.
  6. That's 8401 days.

    Or 20164 hours.

    Or 12097440 minutes.

    Or 725846400 seconds.

    Let's call it 1,000,000,000 heart beats.

    Now THAT'S a significant number!

    Not that you appear to be counting, mind.

    Well done!
  7. He doesn't need to when he has ARRSE's very own Jon Snow at his disposal! :D

    CONGRATULATIONS! down_under: I'm impressed your liver's kept you going this long! ;)
  8. Are you up for your lance-jack tape soon then?
  9. That's weird-I know a guy who's been in exactly 23 years today as well-he mentioned it in the mess at lunchtime...

    I've only got 11 years to go myself. :(
  10. Well done DU :D I have also done 23 years to this this exact day 8O

    Only 509 days to do :D
  11. He said he had done 23 no point did he mention retaining his sanity...
  12. 23 years ... well done mate, have a beer or two!

    I did 24 years and 210 days and they gave me a free little red book that says I was of 'exemplary conduct' ... did the tw@ts never bother reading my CR's?
  13. I will on the 27th of July 08 have done a total of 33yrs!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Sprog
  15. Thanks to all. When is it can I start complaining about "I'm too old for this..." :D
    @ The_Honest_Man, 33yrs eh, geezus. I should have some debts paid for by then. Well done mucker 8)

    @ well done treborrek :)