Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Once_a_Grey...., Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. Point of Order Mr Speaker:

    Definition 1.

    A ‘commercial at’ is the symbol’@’; also called an 'at symbol', an 'at sign', or just 'at', and sometimes mistakenly called an [[ampersand]] (''&'' is the ampersand). It is a cursive form of 'ā,' or 'à,' a term of debated origin.

    Therefore, @ is equal to ‘at’

    Definition 2.

    Twat n. Taboo sl 1. the female genitals 2. a foolish person [from ?]

    So when you call someone a Tw@t, you are in fact spelling it incorrectly as Twatt.

    In fact I don’t believe that the word ‘Twat’ is a swearword at all, so when someone is acting a twat or being a twat, why not just call him a twat. If deemed to be the aforementioned swearword then the correct spelling is ‘Tw@’.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mr Pedantic

    Sits back, breathes out and waits to be called a twat!
  2. Tw1t...........
  3. Tw@t [sic] with too much time on his hands :lol:
  4. Tw@nker :)
  5. So therefore;





  6. pr@
  7. W@ a load of tw@ing about you pr@. And stop gobbing off @ being a kiddy fiddler.
  8. So your sig should read "Can I claim for th@"
  9. The c@ s@ on the m@ like a tw@
    how's th@ you pr@.
    Jack spr@ could e@ no f@
    etc etc etc
  10. well th@ explains th@. Now if only you could educ@e some of the other pr@s.

    will it c@ch on though? Bet the Chavs will add it there dicshunary
  11. So we will be looking @ people called Tommy @kins, Margret Th@cher?
  12. ... and the Star Wars geeks can look out for an @@ Walker

    My anorak, if you please....
  13. ..would change foot and rifle drill as we know it.....


    w@ch and shoot, w@ch and shoot

    stand @ ease!
  14. Pay @ention you lot. this thread is pushing mine down the board. You know, the one where I sh@ myself
  15. fcuk th@.. Wouldn't want th@ to happen would we :)

    would that most of us craph@s