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I showed two of my youngsters this link and he laughed, and was also a little offended.

How to turn off youth by being condescending to them.

How fcking thick can you be to 'think' that shyte would appeal to youngsters?

New Labour are fcked, and useless, and this proves it.
Seeing this govn doing things like that just gives me one more reason why we should abolish parliment, do away with democracy (parlimentary democracy) and become a fascist state! At least a spade is a spade!

It reminds me of a sketch from The young ones where a young Ben Elton was presenting a yoof show, for yoofs. That had more credibility.

Can anyone list anything this govn has done that has been for the good of the nation?

Wheel out Maggie for christsake!!!


What is stranger-the fact that this mamary bonce thinks this drivel will appeal or that we are surprised that our elected representitives are such complete numbnuts f**kwits


I can't believe that this Fukcwit actually thinks that ANYBODY, no matter what age speaks like this- baffling and extremely annoying.
One word to describe this drivel:- starts with "B" and ends with "OLLOCKS"
At long last the true source of "slipping standards in the regulars" has been identified.


what the hell was that???
I must be old because that just came across as utter nonsense.

Could someone please translate the following for me please? I don’t have a clue what these words mean:


The rest of that page I was able to translate into English… but those words… 8O 8O 8O
From the desk of the MP (Labor) for West Bromwich East:

We know that you're too busy fighting off your biological urges and being l33t hax0rs to Get Involved, but politics is cool, m'kay?

Nobody ever seems to do anything for The Kids! All the decisions are made by suits, man. That's so lame!!! We know you think of yourselves as responsible citizens, but what you wanna do is turn that thought into an action, dudes.
Eagle said:

So this is how Labour think they'll get 'yoof' interested in politics?

Is there any hope for this once great nation of ours? :mad:

Fanta-stick! :D :roll:
“…and he won't harsh your buzz or dis you down the line….”

The sad thing is most of the ‘Youf’ that he is trying to connect to, are so illiterate they can’t read the site, because of the slip of educational standards under his party!

He is a complete and utter Lizard!

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