Twátish Wrist-bands

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Muffy_the_minj_slayer, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. As we all know the latest fad to be dying out are these stupid bloody wrist bands.

    But did you know, that the Guide Dogs wrist band actually has a braille mistake on it, or at least that is what i am told. It has an X instead of a U which is only different by one dot and they have also not put any capital letters in their name.

    Am I sad or is it actually quite ironic that the folk that are suposed to be providing a service for those that need braille can't actually write it themselves?
  2. Twatish is as twatish does? Wear the right band, just as you would wear the poppy (seasonal plug, buy your's ASAP), with pride in the cause you have espoused. Just because some of the leftie causes are being tarted around on the wrists of Z-list celebs, the principle of fund AND consciousness raising remains sound. The repeal the hunting ban band and the Marie Curie Cancer Appeal one have both graced my wrist this year. However the white "Friends of Saint Bob" band has not nor shall it!
  3. They appear to be unable to write it. Lets hope they have a "Feel" for it :)
  4. I can't read what the feck this thread is about because I'm blind....
  5. stop wnaking then!!
  6. I am blind,but thanks to this wonderful thing called broil,--bran--brill,---sorry,I'll just feel that again.
  7. Recent band seen was black and white,intertwined,---thought he was Newcstle United fan,-not so,represented DIVERSITY.mod deleted
  8. Wrist bands, the most Chavtastic idea in recent history. Wear one and be berated for the rest of your decidedly average career.
  9. every time i see one of those tw*tish bands i want to grip the owner and suck out one of his F*cking eyeballs before ramming my stinking c*ck in the socket .
    I havnt got cancer (yet) and i couldnt give two flying f*cks about the hunting ban either from the foxes/stags point of view or the hunters.You nonce band wearing git.
    gerrrrthccccha . :x
  10. I'm all for these wrist bands. It makes it easier to spot complete t w a ts.
  11. .....and you have how many, Flashparts?

  12. I heard that the MOD was thinking as a cost cutting exercise they would issue them to show others what courses you had done!!
    visual Q&R card!!! ( all in DPM of course)
  13. Bring it on...but not today because i'm out shooting my new highly powered rifle and not tomorrow because it's my martiakl arts class... 8)
  14. lets hope its not one of the classes Im taking then.
    What style of martial art do you do ? I'm a master in Kuntao silat hoping to atain my grand master before I reach 45. I also have an eigth grade( black belt ) in Chineese Kick boxing ,Wu Shu Kwan.
    Do you train to keep fit or do you take part in tournaments ? I go to alot of fights/tounaments in Indonesia and the Philipines (about twice a year ).
    I never ever ,fight 'outside the dojo' as it were .

    Hen Gao Xing Yu Xian Ni !!!!
  15. You bunch of wrist-band-wearer-persecuting Nazis. FFS, what sort of miserable twat could find fault with me putting a bit of coloured string or plastic round my wrist? You'll be saying the birds are scrounging, and having a go at the flowers next...

    I'm quite happy to wear a breast cancer awareness wrist-band because I identify with what it represents.

    Likewise, I'll be wearing my poppy again soon for exactly the same reason - and if the Haig fund starts flogging Remembrance Day wrist-bands, I'd wear one of them too (despite the horrible colour clash).

    Ho hum.