TVR to move car production abroad

TVR, which was bought by young Russian tycoon Nikolai Smolensky in 2004, said it was now in consultation with unions over redundancies.

So far, Mr Smolensky does not seem to be a self-made millionaire. Rather, much of his money is reported to have come from the businesses created by his father: Russia's first private banker, the oligarch Alexander Smolensky.
1998, Smolensky's financial empire collapsed and many ordinary Russians lost their money. And if somebody loses then somebody finds. So these thie... businessmen - father and son decided to wash their money and Smolinsky jr. baught the plant without any serious intentions. So the final is logical.
Bloody meddling russians about to f up this great builder of truly unique cars. Watch as they sanitise them and make them bland european versions. Another great british sports car ruined! :x
Hardly TVR was going bust years ago, unique they may well be but the whole brillrcreamed blokes in a drafty shed handcrafting eccentric and tempremental engineering, thing is I am afraid, not a world beater.

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