Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by burger466, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. what is the best way of getting British freeview while posted in germany? any body know?
  2. A 500 metre high mast with a TV aerial on top?
    You could possibly get freesat which means putting up a dish but unless you are posted very close to the Dutch border and have a massively high mast, you won't get freeview.
    Freesat, on the other hand is possible.
  3. Internet connection?
  4. You can use your PC to access some channels which are available on Freeview but you can't actually access Freeview itself (It's a broadcast system only available with an aerial). Unless you have a UK i/p address, BBC and ITV channels will be blocked. You could use a proxy server but many of these are a waste of time and only have a limited shelflife.
    However, you can get Freesat but you will need a dish. You can get the full kit from places like Maplins, Lidl (honest) for about 60 quid.
    If you do set this up, make sure you have a free sat receiver and not a freeviewreceiver. This will pick up the "free to air" channels from Astra 2d but also be aware that you will need a viewing card to pick up the channels that Sky broadcast (may have changed but you used to need the card to get C4 and 5 as well) which is available for a one off fee of £20.
  5. Multi moveable dish and get coordinates of Freesat satellite. You need to find the Astra 2 satellite.