TV you'ld like to see again


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just watching a download of it aint half hot mum - one of perry and crofts most successful shows yet never repeated.

class :)


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not since 84 it hasnt. just been watching the master with lee van cleefe - seemed better at 11.30pm in 84/5.

its amazing what you find that was cool then but rather iffy now.
Tutti Frutti, Boys From The Black Stuff and TizWaz. But only for Sally James' tits and thighs on the last one, not for the annoying non-comedian that is Lenny Henry.
The 80's to me was the decade that taste forgot but I do have a liking for its TV. This movie comes from the time of Poland's rejection of the communist system dominated by the Soviets and, therefore, gives an (now historical) opinion of the times. Aired on early CH4. Or CH4 when it was good.

Moonlighting - Jeremy Irons, not the Bruce Willis pap.
I thought the classic Cagney and Lacey was the favorite? ;-)
Oranges are not the only fruit, espec the teen lezzer scene.

Mark The Convict

I, Clavdivs was rather good. Hasn't aired here since sometime in the '80's, AFAIK.
Has to be Blakes 7 dodgy sets and quarries to boot.
Any episode of Doctor Who with Nicola Bryant as the Doctor's assistant in it. Ah, Peri... BrandySoured, you can keep Sally James.

And 'Spyship', which was based on the real-life events relating to the Hull trawler, Gaul. Only aired once, I think, in 1983 (tho' some bugger'll be along to tell me I'm wrong, no doubt).
You're joking right? It was repeated ad infinitum in the early 80s.

One thing I'd like to see again is P'Tang Yang Kipperbang. Same timeframe, young kid had a crush on a girl, and was keen on cricket. John Arlott's voice commenting like it was a cricket match was very apt.
Particulary good title for charades during drunken family Christmas's.
Love Thy Neighbour and Alf Garnett.
Anzacs was good, wouldn't mind seeing the Paras series from the 80's again.

There was a show about hackers in the 90's called Bugs that I enjoyed, it'd probs be pump if I was to watch it now though.

Anyone remember that show Saracen? Ex 'them' working as mercs. Probably pump as well but wouldn't mind watching it just out of interest.
A couple of yankee ones worth a mention would be Lou Grant, the newspaper office drama. And Barny Miller, the cop show where the scene never left the police station. While I'm at it, another good yankee one was Hill Street Blues - "Be careful out there!"

Closer to home, the entire Grange Hill could be shown again. :)

But what should be shown again from the start, including the pilot, was the original Kung Fu with David Carradine. The series that started the martial arts craze over here, and spawned thousands of "Ahh, grasshopper!" inpersonations, and launched more merchandise than another TV show ever did. Today we would see it as very tame and slow moving, but back it it's day it took the nation by storm!

While I'm at it; just, What Happed to The Likely Lads?

Mind you, be careful what you wish for; Hitchikers guide To The Galaxy was made into a film ages after it was first broadcast - and it was crap.


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Two other American ones, 'Soap', the ultimate pisstake of Soap Operas and 'Taxi', where I first saw Danny DeVito, and which was full of humour that I hadn't thought Americans would understand.


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While I'm at it; just, What Happed to The Likely Lads?
They were repeated on Radio 4Extra/Radio 7 very recently. Cheered the drive to work no end.
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