TV Tonight 8pm Ch 4

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bootyfootball, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. Are you having a laugh!

    Eastenders is on then! 8O
  2. Up enders is far to violent :wink:
  3. Was hoping to see Sonia in the nick with some big old fat munter giving her minge a good licking out, in a Prisoner Cell Block H sort of way....or I could watch that.
  4. "......are the British troops fighting an unwinnable war in Afghanistan?"

    Surely that's why we are updating to Trident..........?

    Eastenders - what a boring and depressing load of utter twaddle. Who's that Sonia bint? What an absolute munter, it must be the original minger.
  5. It would be more convincing watching Sonia do Martin up the hoop with a strap-on. Eastenders is real life you know.
  6. sonia is a munter


    but she scrubs up well


    and she used to munch rug with


    Eastenders isn't just for overweight housewives...
  7. Real life? I didn't know there are that many white Brits in the East End nowadays.

    Last time Sonia swam in the sea a Japanese factory ship tried to harpoon her...............
  9. no whites and no brits in the east end :lol:
  10. Going back on topic, you digressing cnuts, i thought Dispatches was very good last night.
    Never heard an A-10's cannon going off before, i thought id sh|t myself from the sound it makes!
    Nevermind. Good footage though, hope the lads stay safe.
  11. I think they can digress as there is a huge thread about it here:
  12. I'll get off me soapbox then.
    They're still cnuts! Your all cnuts! Cnuts for everyone!