TV talent shows.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by samain11, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. As part of an ongoing skirmish with my teenage daughter on shows like the x-factor etc , I have pointed out some really good singers like kevin skinner (US talent show,chicken catcher guy ) and Ruth Brown (the voice uk) were completley fucked up once the producers got hold of them and started adding dancers, backing bands, bling, stupid haircuts and other associated bollocks. I know that music is an industry like anything else but apart from a lucky few i reckon talent shows are the kiss of death for an aspiring artist.
  2. Just beat her until she shuts the fuck up.

    Then finger her while she quietly sobs into her Little Miss dressing gown.
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  3. Oh God...that reply. It's beautiful.
  5. It does have a certain majestic sweep to it.
  6. The reason we don't get pay rises?
  7. You can picture him saying it with utter conviction, that's why. Like he's done it before and relishes the memory.
  8. Or tell her you've found her a new maths tutor

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  9. There are times when it's a joy to be alive and you realise why, day after day, one keeps coming back to Arrse for the intellectual stimulation.

    Boss: Changing, you're going to Afghanistan tomorrow.
    CM: Why?
    Boss: Because I'm telling you.
    CM: But it's Christmas in 2 weeks.
    Boss: Really? Send me regular emails.
  10. I'm surprised no-ones asked for the age/pics of the daughter yet.

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  11. Because that would just be wrong.
  12. Is this that certain majestic sweep you were looking for......?

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  13. Well that's one way to cure chlamydia.
  14. People will only get to the TV stages of any of these crap shows if they've got a "back story", you know the kind of thing; "I'm doing this for me Granny who died of (insert incurable disease here) two years ago and her last words were "Be a star for me" and I know she is looking down on me tonight". Talent has got fuck all to do with it.
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  15. I often wonder what would have happened to some of the biggest names in pop history if they'd had to submit to X-factor style competition before making it big. I feel fairly certain that some of those that manage to sell-out arena tours now wouldn't have made it past the audition stages.

    Are these shows stifling new talent?

    (Yes, I know it's the NAAFI, but I don't see why we can't have reasoned debate in here too!)