TV Soaps and the forces

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bomb-int, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. Why in soaps don't they have famies who's son or daughter is in the forces. All the soaps really offer is the exforces story line.

    Is it time for writers to give a view of what forces families have to put up with?
  2. Watching soaps is an early symptom of brain cancer. Some cunt started a thread the other day about some cunt on Corrie joining the TA.

    As to your question; why should they?
  3. Ok, fair comment; they should include forces families more as its a true reflection on society and demographics.

    Don't dis soaps, it keeps women quite for a while
  4. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    The Armed Forces need to communicate better, and be better communicated, across all sectors of societyand in all media, not simply soaps. I'd like to see:

    SPORT: Armed forces representation at matches (bands, march pasts, demos, etc) and free ads in football, cricket, rugby, stadia.

    EDUCATION: Greater representation on what the forces are doing by recruiting teams across the school and uni system. Expand CCF, OCT, etc. This will require better presentation materials by the teams.

    ONLINE: A much upgraded information hub, compared to the current Army website. Benchmark the USMC website site. Should include; Table of org; history; units; recruitment; unit multimedia (blogs; film clips, etc) PR; monitored media stories; unit contact info; ads, etc.

    POP CULTURE: Decent public service ads for the Armed Forces in prime time slots.
    Some form of foundation to fund pro-Armed Forces-related content that presents the army in a decent light. (I know personally of three promising TV doccos that have not recieved funding in the last year.)

    NEWS MEDIA: Much greater outreach by the MoD's PR team. Having had an utterly woeful experience with the MoD flacks myself I'd suggest throwing them all out on the street and outsourcing the job to a private sector PR agency to do the job properly by
    (a) running MoD PR
    (b) training unit Public Affairs officers in media relations.

    Etc, etc.

    The dwindling size of the armed forces, its generally low visibility and the average voter's lack of familiarity with it, are all factors in decreased defense spending.
  5. Why do telly squaddies wear berets like dustbin lids?
  6. Because they've 'shaped' them that way.
  7. Because they're telly squaddies?
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    "How's your son doing then Diedre?"
    "Fuck knows. He's stationed in Gutersloh and hasn't phoned me for a month."

    Awesome telly. :roll:
  9. Did you miss the tour de force that was "Soldier Soldier", or even "Red Cap"? :lol:
  10. Because there isnt much call for including a lad who tears in at teatime on a Friday, slings his washing under the stairs, grabs a honking shirt from his bag sticks it on then disappears till early hours Monday morning before red eyeing it back to Plymouth at 5am still half p*ssed and minus Mod90, his self respect and on most Mondays, his rig..still fermenting under the stairs

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  11. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The story line would be the same every week:

    Young Jonny comes home just after basic training, thinking he is the shit. He is slightly drunk after drinking 4 tins of Stella on the train, he is clutching a copy of Nuts magazine.

    Young Jonny goes to the generic local soap pub and drinks more booze.
    He gets in a fight due to his gobbing off and constant bragging about how nails he is after 8 weeks at Pirbright.

    Jonny gets a mild beating from some of the locals and goes home via the kebab shop.

    This story line repeats for approximately 1 year until young Jonny finishes phase 2 training and joins his unit. Then Jonny re-appears only every few months to swear at his mum and leave dirty laundry under her stairs. He appears to have gained some tats as well.
  12. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Poetry, and outrageously accurate.
  13. I remember in Corrie, Jim wasmeant to be ex Sappers and Ken Barlow's son was ex Navy.

    But you are right, not many people in soaps have a family member serving!
  14. Sounds a bit Banana Republic to me, rather than the Liberal Democracy that our fathers fought for. I think the armed forces should speak for themselves by doing the business on ops and being reported objectively. I wouldn´t want a load of manufactured "aren´t we great" spin. You end up looking a complete charlie when things do go pear shaped (Ipods in Iran anyone?).

    Regarding soaps, when you consider that the army employs less people than BT, why should there be any particular focus on army storylines if you´re trying to be representative of society?
  15. Because the 'military' advisor invariably turns out to be a STAB.