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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by polar69, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. Whilst sitting around with my thumb up my arse and flicking through Sky channels I came across this gem

    Video: Whale Wars - Sky TV

    A brief outline of the programme is as follows.

    Idle rich hippie types and middle aged women decide to go to sea with the intention of stopping the heroes, oops sorry villians ( boo hiss )

    Cruising around the south pole in a fleet (well two) of black anti whaling vessels equipped with a chopper and a couple of speed boats they annoy the Japs whilst they chop up whales.

    Added hilarity ensues when the pride of the fleet, A "state of the art" powerboat is rammed by the nips sending it to Davey Jones' locker and grill.

    If you hate whales, hippies and the children of Nippon then this is the programme for you.
  2. I take it that it's still the year 2008 where you are?
  3. I've had a call from 5 years ago. They want their Sky viewing card back.
  4. I prefer a bag of crisps while watching tv but each to there own
  5. It takes longer for the signal to get up here, its the smog from the factory chimneys.