TV signal

I have a 55 inch TV with a Sony surround sound amp with my signal coming from a Sky box.

I'm considering getting a larger screen TV with 4K HDR.

At the moment all signals (visual and sound) go to the TV via the surround sound box and HDMI cables ie the Sky Box feeds to the surround box and then to the TV screen Each signal path has it's own path through the Surround box and I select what I want with the remote box be it TV, Sky, Blue Ray, internet, etc.

If I do buy the new TV and connect it all up the same will the signal quality be degraded by going through the surround box first instead of going direct to the TV first? Or should all signals be sent direct from source?
No. Signals along HDMI cables are digital so either on or off. You will see either as high a quality picture as your TV allows or a pixelated mess. I have Sony Bravia TV, aerial cable from the wall into a Youview box then HDMI into telly. PS4 and PS3 are also connected by HDMIs into the telly. Sound from telly goes into a converter that sends it to red and white cable sockets in back of a Denon hifi. TV and the two playstations get their signals from Wifi in another room.
Keep it that way. When I first got a sound bar I had it so the video signals went from Sky box to TV, and sound signals went from Sky box to sound bar. That introduced a delay between sound and video that had to be compensated by settings on the Sky box. Then I learnt to do it the correct way

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