TV signal problem

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, May 8, 2012.

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  1. Ok im looking for a bit of help from the more signally minded. The current aerial set up in my house is the main antenna runs into the front room to the sky box then out to the rest of the house using a signal booster (big house). This is a legacy set up from when sky was analogue so we could set the sky as channel 6 in each room and watch what the sky box was set to, basically a simple Sky Multi Room.

    Now i have just installed a new blu ray player in the front room with a built in FreeView HD, the aerial now runs through this with the sky box removed from the loop. However since doing this it has screwed the signal to the rest of the house with some freeview channels giving errors of "channel not tuned" or very juttery picture to others. Could this be a faulty freeview HD unit, or a problem with the antenna not being good enough, or the old signal booster not liking the HD digital signal?

  2. If the Digital Switch Over has arrived in your area, the new freeview service may be using frequencies not used previously by the analogue transmission. If this is the case, you may need to replace the antenna. It varies from region to region. The link below for example identifies whether you may need to do so in the London region

    Find the right document for where you live and look what the colour code against your local transmitter is. In this example, if you were living in Reigate (colour coded orange) there's a good chance you would need a new antenna.

    Unlike analogue transmission, where you get varying quality of reception, digital is bit more of a yes/no situation. I'd always suggest the first investment is to get the best Antenna you can afford, it makes the job of an amplifier or splitter so much easier.
  3. Thanks Cactusman. I checked for my area and it was yellow, and prior to installing this HD freview box into the loop everything was fine. So now with the antenna taken out of the equation, its either the HD box or the booster.

    But surely the signal going to the booster is no different now than before, the signal passing through the HD box is not changed as it passes through if operating properly. Thus the signal to the booster should be as it was in the past. So its looking more like a fault in the HD freeview box if the signal is getting messed with as it passes through to the rest of the house?