TV Signal Booster Box - is it worth it???

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by box-of-frogs, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. Not quite sure if this is the right forum but......

    Mrs BoF's tv doesn't get a great signal on some freeview channels. This means they break up and generally aren't watchable. Most annoyingly this includes the 'Dave' channel and so i am unable to watch Top Gear repeats :x and other such gentleman's programmes. The aerial is an oldish analogue one but is pointing in the right direction. I / we don't want to fork out for a new aerial, and she doesn't want satellite. Will one of those little booster boxes work or are they just a gimmick???

  2. SPoke to a bloke who is rolling this system out, and basically its in trouble already, so yes you would be advised to get a booster. They are cutting costs already and quality is a big issue, quality = lack of service.
  3. Ta - they are fairly cheap so think i'll get one!
  4. Boosters can work to improve the reception......... however, they can also work against you. Any interference will also be boosted.

    If you live in a built up area it may not be a poor signal, it may be ghosting due to reflection. In that case an attenuator may be needed.

    It's a bit of a gamble either way.
  5. hopefully becuase the system is digital there is less likely of ghosting. However if in doubt get a bigger antenna, either will do the job
  6. Has there been a general deterioration in the ITV signal recently? I've got a booster box and a mast amplifier and Mrs LISpace still gives me grief over ITV 3 breaking up, which it wasn't doing 6 months ago. And on Sunday I had to switch to analogue for the GP on ITV 1 as digital was difficult/unworkable. When I switch off the booster the signal disappears altogether.

    Any techies out there who can help? I can't think of anything else I can do to improve things. I'm out in the sticks so the usual urban problems don't apply.
  7. A booster wont boost the signal your receiving, its for sending a bit more signal along long cable runs or when you wish to run more than two tv's from one aerial prevent a loss of signal, you need to get a high gain aerial.

    (former aerial erector extrordinaire)
  8. check all your cables top and tail

    maybe its worth cutting the ends of and re terminating

    how big is your antenna/reflector (maybe you need a bigger one) trees grow over the years etc as well as degradation on the towers etc.

    Dont expect them to fix it quick you will either have to get SKY or a better antenna system. Digital TV needs a bigger antenna system compared to analogue

    check the link out just in case
  9. The main channels are all ok on Mrs BoF's tv. Her neighbour had a quote about their aerial today and the bloke came up with £150 for new digi aerial and all the fittings. Seems a lot to me but i'm not too sure! Anyone else had a new aerial put up recently???
  10. its possible the transitter your on does not do the normal TV guff, they distribute them around for various econmic reasons. its possible itv could be on another transmitter.

    check the linke out

    it mayhelp (or try the bbc website)
  11. to receive freeview clearly you need a new ariel and cable that is for digital t.v,old analogue ariels cause problems
  12. Well, unless I'm reading it totally wrong, the link Rattler provided says I'm going to lose a ton of channels in 2012 (unless the 'after' bit means 'as well as those you have now' which I don't think is the case as the commentary says 'you're going to lose channels')

    Blimmin' flip! What can I do about this?? Apart from get Sky?

    Tried the BBC website, when I typed in my postcode it said page not found so a prob with the website I think.
  13. Thanks, that worked. I got a 'variable reception' and 'aerial upgrade may be required' throughout, and:

    'Some transitional problems. For a short period of time you may experience disruption to some digital channels.
    An aerial upgrade may be required to receive these channels.'

    It sounds to me that I'm a bit stuffed by my location, ie there's not a lot I can do to improve things and I'm going to have to live with the variable reception.