TV Show Starring Chris Ryan?

I'm looking for the name a TV show aired on the BBC a few years ago.

Chris 'Lost in the desert' Ryan was given a mission to complete whilst he was hunted by a few ex UK/US SF. I seem to remeber one of the guys having a wild gotee.

I think it only ran about 5 episodes.

Can anyone remember it?

Hunting Chris Ryan
Sandy_The_Guvnor said:
Hunting Chris Ryan
That's the one, they ran it on Discovery too.
It wasn't too bad actually.
It was a bit sh!te.

It was a bootie, a para pathfinder and two Navy seals, I think almost everytime I watched it the "mission" of the show went slightly pear shaped and they all gave up and sat around in tents.

The jungle one was decent thlough.

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