TV show puts off recruits


If the potential recruit can't tell the difference between a TV show based on training from the 1950's, and real life, do we really want them anyway? or is it a sign of how misunderstood the army is, with our lovely tabloid papers telling everyone (with regret of course) just how terrible we are?

Defence Editor

TOP brass are fuming after learning that TV’s Bad Lads Army show has slashed REAL recruiting.
Chiefs have now banned ALL serving soldiers and officers from taking part in the prime-time hit — otherwise they face the threat of a court martial.

A leaked internal memo reveals commanders have found that viewers muddled the reality series, based on 1950s army life, with modern military training.

Brigadier Robbie Scott-Bowden, director of infantry, says: “Polling in the wake of the previous series indicates the public confused images of this historical reality show with today’s Army.”

The mental torture and abuse is behaviour completely at odds with today’s training and treatment of recruits, he adds.
When i went along to a night at the TA, they showed us the gory fight scene from Band of Brothers. Most Jaws in the room dropped. This was followed by "of course you can see the world too." I don't htink anyone signed up that night.
I thought the adverts of the hunk and the babe running down the beach hand in hand was a good one.

"Join the army, see the world!" I think was the tagline. Ooooh, that was years ago!
I joined the Army on the back of that campaign featuring the cpl and the QARANC on a beach in Cyprus. After Sandhurst (January intake - nuff said), CTCRM and an Arctic deployment, I could have cherfully strangled the PR company... :p
IIRC, it's tagline was, "Where's Frank?" This is a question I have asked many times during the last 15 years or so since the ad was on air!!

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