Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Granada2007, May 23, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    Presently I'm working on the factual entertainment series 'American Princess' which is being produced by Granada USA.

    The programme will see 12 American girls gain an insight into British High Society and indeed learn about the cultural and historical significance of the British Royal Family. Our show is essentially a modern day adaptation of the My Fair Lady story.

    In one of the episodes the girls will be attempting a Military style Assault course in the hope of them getting some appreciation of the level of dedication required to serve your country.

    As a reward for the successful completion of the task we'd like to reward with a London date with a male Army professional.

    Should you be interested in what would be in essence chaperoning the girls at a London location on the evening of Tuesday the 5th June please do in get touch today. The work would be paid and we'd cover any expenses.

    Please contact me on 020 7261 3110 or
  2. Can't wait to read the replies.............
  3. You've posted this in the wrong place that's for sure! There won't be much chaperoning going on from these callsigns!!
  4. Oh no.......................................
  5. As a solid gesture by Granada, why don't they approach a service charity and not only assist in helping a homeless soldier off the streets, but let teh soldier escort the lucky lady for the evening? And yes, pay them for the day, I'm sure they need the money more than anyone responding to this.
  6. I've seen this already somewhere else - Granada are not going to win many hearts & minds by swamping ARRSE with the same advert.

    Still, the replies are going to be entertaining - but probably unhelpful..........
  7. Possible nominations could include:

    - Flash
    - MDN
    - Blueface
    - Chimpy. / Chumpycheeks

    All for comedy value alone, if nothing else.
  8. Fcuk me, I'd do it...
    I'm young, pretty sure I'm male...
    But I'm not a STAB quite yet, and I'm hardly professional, unless laziness and soap dodging is a profession..
  9. Im with abrighters suggestion, but doubt it will ever be taken up.
  10. Can we take them for a Roast afterwards, c'mon :D
  11. How young and professional do you want them?

    I'm sure I've got a few slackers locked in my cellar still that I could release. For the right price of course. They may be slightly used though.
  12. I fully appreciate this most gracious offer you have bestowed upon us, and i want to thankyou for the opportunity of being part of a TV show as this is one of my greatest aspirations.

    Might i suggest that instead of another dull reality TV show you might consider a slight script re-write in where these young hopefulls attempt to crash a world record - and see what its like to serve ones country, at the same time by letting my Battalion gang shaft them till their snatches bleed raw - In true British Fashion within an alloted time period to set this great new British/American record.

    Afterwards we can put them in the Big Brother house with the current bunch of split arrses festering in there at the moment, along with yourself and the rest of the producing/directing staff for this momentus program... And gas you, live on air. Sure it would mean a minor sacrifice on you're part, but for the whole, im sure the ratings would be fantastic.

    All i ask is a small commision from the profits as this was my idea...
  13. Calling Chimpy and MDN finally the perfect niche for your peculiar talents.
  14. I wish I was 21 again... but with the knowledge I have now......
  15. Do we get to have sex after? ;)