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Does anyone in the RMP have an opinion on the current TV parody of the Army. As someone who has (so far) had nothing whatsoever to do with the RMP I think it is quite entertaining. Accepting, of course, that they have to indulge in a little poetic license for dramatic effect, is any of it believable or is it all total bollox?

In my view, the worst part is the way the junior officer is portrayed as a little more than a snivelling gofer. :cry: On the other hand, he doesn't want to join the Coldstream Guards just because Daddy can get him in; so he can't be all bad.

Up until tonight's episode I liked the character of Sgt Maj Burns. Sadly, he blew it by declaring undying love for Sgt McDonught.
you'll like this weeks episode then saw it on BeeB3

as to opinion most of the RMP officers I met rolled they're eyes when it was mentioned and started spitting blood.... but then I mentioned the Fly on the wall docmentry "redcaps- policing the army' and they nearly choked on their drinks.
Redcaps looks good and pink and fluffy I find it hilarously funny but its nice to see Pirbright looking so well.

From a medical point of view the resus of jo is complete kak.
not as bad as it was in 'Ultimate Farce' when that Int Corps op chick got shot real bad by one of the blades on that boat by accident but she was back at work for the following weeks episode.
Redcap is aimed at civvy viewers. The producers probably think any military staff who watch will put any inaccuracies down to artistic license or be too distracted by Tamzin to notice.

I have to say that Sgt Major Burns is seriously sexy (receding hairline... gets me every time). I'd be hard pressed to choose between him and the deliciously belligerent Hippy. In an ideal world I wouldn't have to (did I just say that out loud?).

Anyway...Burns' passion for Jo has been barely repressed and has smouldered beneath his attempts to maintain a professional exterior. Women everywhere go wobbly every time he shouts at Jo or is tougher on her than the others as he over-compensates for his feelings... grrrrr..
The RMP advisors tried really hard to get it as accurate as possible but obviously with it being aimed at civ audiences poetic license always won out. Its not nearly as bad as i thought it would be, but im to busy wishing we actually had ladies like tamzan :p
civvies watching red cap will be saying sod that too many killers druggies and sex offenders in the army, way OTT i'm afraid. i know one of the advisors and he is a good lad apart from being SIB!!!!! he will be pulling his hair out with the luvvies


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