TV series - patrol competition - Emlyn Hughes - late 80s(?)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RRFHASBEEN, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. Before my head explodes from trying to remember what it was called can anyone tell me what that series was called during (I think) late 80s/early 90s hosted by Emlyn Hughes where different regiments pitted their wits against each other in a TV patrol competition. At the time I thought it was pretty good but with hindsight was it the biggest pile of t*rd ever?


  2. Combat. 2 Para won it.
  3. Combat and Soldier, Soldier. Two classic blasts from the past :wink:
    But of course, nobody owns up to watching them........
  4. actually, were Combat to be remade, it would probably be an excellent cost effective recruiting tool....

    i don't remmber it being too bad?
  5. I seem to remember that viewers liked it but the TV critics panned it.
  6. Not a bad idea goon_bde, but if I remember correctly some of the units spent quite a bit of time training for it beforehand. What with all the commitments overseas these days, is it even feasible to repeat it ?

    'Quite good Army game show. Eight regiments would be paired off and then tested on various Army things, the assault course, shooting, carrying dolls over barbed wire fences whatever.

    They'd carry on with this until the end game which would be a fake mission or something normally involving a huge blow-up-the-building style scenario.

    In the semi-finals, the teams had to travel through a dense wood in which four booby-traps (tripwires et al) had been laid. Every time a trap was tripped, the action froze, the screen went to a negative picture and the tripping team member was eliminated from the rest of the round. Yipe!

    In the final, there was an event which included a long drive. One of the teams' trucks overturned and indeed may have even caused injury to one of the drivers'
  8. Ahhhhh, why the fück did you include the link Murielson ? I´d quite happily forgotten all about Anneka Rice......
  9. Does anybody recall seeing a septic show on Bravo, the cable/satellite channel, where teams were made up of ex Marine recon, Green Berets etc? They lived in a desert camp and had missions and voted each other off.
    Pants. But funny.
  10. But who used silly string to find the trip wires? And why did the Scots Guards officer have hair like Sid Vicious?
  11. I remember it wasn't that bad, until the final event which was 'blowing up' some sort of industrial building and just a bit too walty themed.
  12. the same could be said for some units and their contributions to army sports...full time training teams, impact least this would...

    A. Bring the army into the living room of jo public

    B. Be very recruiting positive as it would show all the sexy exciting bits, eg, abseiling, shooting, helicopters etc...
  13. Didn't they have to call in a mortar fire mission onto a bunker on the other side of the river in the final?
  14. The Paras used the silly string
  15. I can see where you´re coming from goon_bde, but with all the nampy pampy liberal leftie wänkers out there, I can´t see it getting broadcasted. I mean if the Red Arrows are too "British" for the Olympics, I can´t see Combat making it past the TV Nazis :roll: