TV researchers, they're crap.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dingerr, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. I'm peeking at corrie over the top of my IPad only to notice that Gary Windass is wearing an RAOC cap badge, the cunt's not shaved off that ridiculous goaty and the fat Adjt (at least they got that right) looks as if he's wearing a fusiliers stable belt.

    The same corrie made a similar mistake a few years ago when they had Royal Engineers disposing of a bomb!

    I can't think of anymore glaring errors.
  2. So I didnt just imagine that Dingerr? Mind you, he looks like a stacker!
  3. Not anymore, he's been discharged. I wish it was as easy as that.
  4. Apparently the mil adv on the programme is some TA bod.
  5. Can be for gingers!
  6. The fat Adjt is a one pip wonder. Well done Granada on a first rate show. The advisor should be taken out and shot at dawn.
  7. Do we still have an RAOC ? with a QC?
    Two bits from my odds and sods, anyone know what the medical badge is, the writing on it seems Irish?

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  8. i suppose its only when you have the knowledge and experience like you lot have that you notice these things.....i never pay that much attention to anything really, and probably wouldnt of been none the wiser, but it a bit of a joke that a television programme as populat as corrie cant get the basics right...bit of an insult really. its not that they havent got the time and resources to get experts involved to get it right!!!
  9. 1. It's a TV programme. For chavs. An early evening Jeremy Kyle Show.
    2. Joe Civ wouldn't notice.
    3. The producers don't give a shit.
  10. The OP does have a point though. There was one here t'other day from the BBC looking for gunny mummies.

    Now, the big question is, how can I get a paid position like that? As incompetence is a job requirement I could be boss within a day.
  11. It's not just researchers, it's also the morons who read voice-overs. Most of 'em don't have a clue about the subject and are obviously too stupid or too vain to ask.
    For example, heard on the Discovery channel; sic. 'Spitfire Vee One' - now as far as I know we didn’t use any mark of Spitfire as an un-manned, semi-guided missile…
  12. I known it irritates because it betrays the lack of effort in even attempting to get it right.

    But how many cop shows do you suppose you have watched where the uniform buttons, badges, hats and accoutrements have been all over the place but you didn't notice and wouldn't have cared one jot if you had?
  13. Chubb? Is that you back again - you know how nasty it could get?
  14. Now, now, no need to be sensible and rational - this is the NAAFI Bar after all.
  15. I don't think any of the badges or other crap would of mattered if had just shaved that Ginger bum fluff off. Mrs gingerninja makes me watch it.