TV recruitment drive flops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. Telegraph
    TV recruitment drive flops
    By Sean Rayment, Sunday Telegraph
    Last Updated: 1:28am GMT 17/12/2006

    A multi-million pound advertising campaign to recruit more soldiers has failed, the senior officer responsible for running the infantry has admitted.

    In documents leaked to The Sunday Telegraph, Brigadier Robbie Scott-Bowden, the Director of Infantry, describes the response to a high-profile television campaign as "disappointing" and reveals that the infantry is now almost 3,000 under strength.

    In a letter to the Adjutant General, Brigadier Scott-Bowden said the only way to tackle the manning crisis was to improve soldiers' basic pay and to offer trained soldiers a "financial incentive" to remain in the army after four years' service. A newly trained private takes home just £970-a-month after tax.

    The gloomy analysis by such a senior officer comes only days after a report by MPs concluded that the lives of troops were at risk because the forces were overstretched.

    Senior officers had hoped a campaign focused solely on the infantry would boost the number of recruits, the shortage of which is of particular concern to military chiefs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The television campaign, costing £3.8 million, was launched in the spring and featured soldiers from various parts of the infantry on exercises around the world.

    Patrick Mercer, the shadow minister for Homeland Security and a former infantry commanding officer, said: "This is the single most important problem facing the Army and the Government simply will not address it.

    "This crisis has been going on for several years and until soldiers are paid more and their conditions of service are improved the Army will continue to haemorrhage troops at an alarming rate."
  2. My bold

    How little they understand!!

    The bold is absolutely true, squaddies are paid too little, end of story

    The second paragraph is far more accurate. I deal with people of joining age on a regular basis and the general attitude is "why the fuck should we go to Iraq / Afghanistan / Operation Iranian Freedom etc etc when they KNOW that the majority of reasons are balls (all of them remember the WMD's in Iraq and AQ being run from the Stan), or they know that they are not joining to defend our shores from the marauding masses but are instead carrying out american (deliberate lower case "a") foreign policy.

    People are more educated and have far greater access to news from all views today, they are not fools and are not easily swayed. Those that joined have a different point of view and I respect that (when I joined I walked out of the careers centre and was heckled immediately, along with the four guys I had just signed my Oath with, to the effect of "sign your life away". It was ignored as I knew I was doing the right thing).

    In my old cunt day it was protection from the marauding commie hoards, the minute possibility that the argies might try to have a crack at the Falklands again and the murdering drug selling gangsters called the ira that had to blow up a building in the mainland every so often to keep the money rolling in from the states.

    I then did Granby which seemed right as a small country had been fucked over by a big one. Then the Balkans. What a laugh that was on Grapple 1. All appeared to be justified though.

    Although I will now support the troops to the end, to the point of wishing to bayonet anyone that slags them off in the throat, the politics are bollocks.

    Civvies know this due to the (rightfully so) extensive news coverage. Hence recruitment is down.

    I'm sure that at least 25% of the fighting age people in this country (conservative estimate) would be willing to join if that was the job, i.e. defending this country. Supporting a foreign powers national policy is another thing.

    Rant over and I'm pissed, feel free to go weapons free.
  3. I think you've hit the nail square on there Aunty S - couldn't of put it better m'self. Changing times, attitudes, and a couple of generations that weren't weaned on Warlord, Battle and Commando books!
  4. Agree completely , New Labour set out to ruin this country of ours and this is the only thing they have succeeded in doing.
  5. At the present rate the British Army will implode sometime next year. This cannot continue, we are paying the price twice: in blood and guts as well as a complete loss of well being. This has been brought about by a Government that has no respect for the very people that are keeping its bedtime sweet with the USA.
  6. Who remembers the Grunt on TV entitled "wheres Joe." (forget the name) and it showed some guy living it up on a beach with a couples of lovely ladies (flat tummies etc so not Army Gals) and boozing in a smart night club (must have got past the NO SQUADDIES sign..) and doing some cracking training with helo's in the background? Cant remember his name - but have looked for him for nearly 10 years!
  7. It was Frank.
  8. I'm a young man (read kid) that's trying at this moment in time to join the Armed Forces (indeed, I leave for selection tomorrow). I want in because I want to actually make something of my life - such a goal can only be achieved through a measure of sacrifice and suffering. That's a price I'm willing to pay.

    That said, I doubt that if I do get in I will stay for longer than my minimum period of service. As much as I want to be part of something as worthwhile as the Armed Forces, as much as I want to be a man, once I've achieved that goal I have to think of my own life.

    Police Community Support Officers earn approximately 22,000 notes a year. They are provided with first rate kit for their jobs. They are not allowed to enter into conflict with the public, are not required to endure arduous training, and tend not to work shifts finishing after midnight. All of this is on a pilot scheme.

    After my four years, if conditions in the Armed Forces, services that we as a nation need and are proven to need in countless conflicts throughout history, have not improved to at least make sure I have the rate of pay comparable to a bloody pilot scheme plastic police officer I will leave. And become a PCSO. They at least get treated tolerably well by the government.

    That is if being a white heterosexual male is not a bar to my application.

    What a country we have become.
  9. Wise words from a young man.... :!:
  10. This Government has no respect for anyone. Many think it comes down to having a bunch of Lawyers turned Politicians at the top. A friend of my wife is a management training consultant and she is quite clear that the world over lawyers are held to make somer of the very worst managers of large organisations.

    Law firms have to spend a fortune at some point trying to turn a spoddy star lawyer into a half decent business manager because the required skill sets are so different. Even so the majority remain wholly and genuinely insensitive and dismissive of the human aspects unless of course somebody can sue.

    By training they deal in manipulation/distortion of the written and spoken word, are secretive and have never actually done or managed anything beyond theselves and a couple of juniors. They see everything in terms of law, theory and the ability to hold on to a "view", right or wrong. All that is a long way from reality and it really shows because very often they screw up bigtime when exposed to the real world.

    So a lawyer-politician is a really dangerous creature to have in charge of anything. That of course includes a person sometime alluded to as Swiss Tony in this place. Per his own biography:

    "Born 22 March 1952 and studied at Glasgow University where he was awarded an LLB. He is married and has two sons. Before entering Parliament he was a lawyer, he was admitted as a solicitor in 1976 and was subsequently called to the Scottish Bar in 1993".
  11. Surely the biggest concern in all of this is why Aunty Stella only makes any ounce of sense at the end of a nine hour session :D
  12. Aunty - well said. However much we slag the average civvie, they are not completely stupid. They are going to watch the news form Iraq and the Stan, then look at the latest recruitment ads and thin "Aye right. Fcuk that for a game of soldiers!"
    The dogs on the strret know we were lied to over Iraq. Blair has no credabiliy left. It's just a shame so many good people had to die before the public finally saw through him.

    LB: Good luck.
  13. Thank you gentlemen.