TV Race Row Over Jackson Skit

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JP47, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. A race row has broken out over a sketch on Australian TV involving a group of men wearing face make-up like the Black and Minstrels and impersonating the Jacksons. Guest judge Harry Connick Jr was furious about the sketch.

    Can you feel it

    Harry Connick Jr spat his dummy out as "MJ" had painted himself white
    All the act are doctors and "MJ" is a plastic surgeon :) and is Asian :?
  2. "Harry Connick Jr spat his dummy out as "MJ" had painted himself white"

    Nothing to do with the four blokes dressed up a la Black and White Minstrels, then?
  3. I'm sick to death of hearing the word racist.
  4. And Jackson.
  5. Maybe however isn't he being a bit of a hypocrite?

    More here
  6. Orlando Jones is black.
  7. Ha looks like the kettle calling the pot!
  8. Fcuk me you don't miss a trick do you
  9. Aussie press is generally 'outraged' that the skit was shown. Average Aussie doesn't see what the fuss is about.

    Nor do I.
  10. Or I.

    It was shite anyway.
  11. The biggest question in my mind is, 'who greenlighted this sketch in the first place? It's god awful!' Red Faces is/was supposed to be funny, even if it's the kind of awkward funny you cringe to. If you watch the sketch (it's on youtube somewhere), it's not even that, it's just shite.

    Edit: Bugger, beaten to the punch.
  12. Michael Jackson was black????????
  13. The thing is, the show it was on is a reunion special of a 'talent' show from 20 years ago.

    The jackson jive group were a bunch of med students back then. They are now Doctors - Plastic surgeons, heart surgeons etc.

    As above, it was crap, but not offensive (to me). That yank who got upset was clearly trying to ensure the potential harm to his career was minimised - not that many yanks would have seen the show anyway - not exactly export entertainment...
  14. I looked at the YouTube link you added, and wondered if you thought the black guy was Connick. A black guy took the pish out of black Godbothers, and a white bloke took the pish out of white Godbotherers. If you watched the latter sketch with no sound on, you'd think it was for real.

    The other sketch had white blokes caricaturing black blokes; watch it with the sound down and it looks like to lampoon it is.

    Surpised you cannot see the difference.

    Next Q; ask yourselves; if you had a black RSM / CO, whow would you feel about taking part of that sketch in front of him?
  15. FFS :roll: