TV question time is a struggle for Blair

Tony Blair was stumped when he took part in a television quiz yesterday. In a further demonstration that a general election is in the offing, Mr Blair went on the Richard and Judy show on Channel 4.

At the end of an interview which ranged over the impending royal marriage, his failure to buy flowers for his wife Cherie and the Iraq war, Mr Blair took part in the show's quiz, You Say We Pay.

Tony Blair
Excruciating experience: Tony Blair on the Richard and Judy show

It involved Mr Blair and Judy Finnigan trying to guess the names of six objects or personalities from clues provided by a viewer.

Mr Blair looked as if he was not sure what was happening when he was placed in the hot seat. He was completely baffled by the first question, relating to the racing commentator John McCririck, but correctly guessed the next celebrity as Sharon Stone, the actress.

Mr Blair was stumped by a family pet (guinea pig), a green vegetable like a banana (courgette) and vehicle used by farmers in their fields (tractor). The last personality was a jazz pianist - and someone helpfully shouted to him: Jools Holland.

The viewer's prize was £6,000, but Mr Blair looked as if he had been through an excruciating experience. Labour campaign managers are expected to demand that he makes more such appearances as the election approaches.

Earlier, Mr Blair disclosed he did not intend to send flowers to his wife Cherie on Valentine's Day on Monday, but might make some other romantic gesture. Recently, Mr Blair admitted never sending her flowers during their 25-year marriage.

Mrs Blair rang the show last week to confirm it but added she would be suspicious if he started now.

Pressed yesterday on whether his wife could expect a bouquet on Monday, Mr Blair stood by his no flower policy. "I don't and I won't. I will do something sufficiently romantic," he said.

He said his wife was "very independent", sometimes "stroppy", "very strong" and he was proud of her. "We are a strong family and that is what matters," he added.

Mr Blair said he would use the party's spring conference this weekend to put forward "positive policies".

Today he will publish Labour's pledge card for the general election. It will give specific commitments on the economy, health, education, child care and crime - with immigration and asylum as last-minute additions.

He looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights!
Got home early and saw the the programme. Felt really hacked off when asked if he felt pressured by having to take decisions that would lead to loss of life.

His reply said something along the lines of how he "deeply felt the death of every soldier in Iraq". Lying cnut.

Only strange thing was seeing Richard Madely and, for once, him not being the biggest pr*ck on the show.
He said his wife was "very independent", sometimes "stroppy", "very strong" and he was proud of her. "We are a strong family and that is what matters," he added.

Read ugly whinging cnut
I see he's doing the hard political shows then.

Funny how he's been on Richard and Judy but never faced Paxman or Humphreys :evil:
Your such a great cynic woopert.

President Bliar doesn't need to go onto the tough political debate shows, after all he is looking to secure the votes from all the currant bun readers/daytime TV addicts.

Know your market and all that! : :twisted:
Oh how I'd love to see Blair talking to Mr Paxeman.

I'm sure we all remember Mr Howard's rather disastorus appearance on newsnight. I was lucky, I saw it live.

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