TV project to dig up Falklands battle sites

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OK OK - so after getting off on the completely wrong foot let me see if I can get this right from now on in.

This article we published some days ago and haven't seen it on here but it was one that I was hoping the RSS feeds would pick up but it didn't.

A TV archaeologist has revealed controversial plans to excavate the battlefields of the Falklands War even though the conflict only took place 30 years ago.

Veteran groups have warned that such an exploration would be inappropriate after such a short time, with many combatants and friends and relatives of the dead still alive.

Glasgow University academic Dr Tony Pollard is preparing the major project to unearth secrets of the 1982 campaign by British forces to seize back the South Atlantic island chain from Argentinian invaders.

The presenter of the BBC series, Two Men In A Trench, believes the war is in danger of being forgotten and insists his expedition would be a fitting way to mark the 30th anniversary of the islands’ liberation.

In a move which is certain to prove contentious Pollard plans to invite a team of Argentinian archaeologists to take part in the venture, which, if approved, will be televised. Famous battle sites to be targeted include Mount Tumbledown, Mount Harriet and Goose Green and both British and Argentinian positions will be explored.

The proposals have divided veterans, with some branding the project inappropriate while others have welcomed it as an opportunity to raise awareness of the conflict and its.

TV project to dig up Falklands battle sites

I hope that they make a BIG point of the BIG cost that the Navy paid. Yes it was only 30 years ago but it seems to of left the publics mind. It was a major conflict and again it mustn't be allowed to drop from the public eye. Thank god deals were done to keep the last Exocet(s) away from the Argentinians - or did the French really ship Exocets via South American states...

Or is Pollard biting off more than he can chew...



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